Flower Friday

in #flowerfriday3 years ago

Hi Steemians

I discovered this nice Challenge today and decided to participate.
I took this photo when I visited the Tulip Festival in Istanbul - Turkey.


Ich habe diese wunderbare Challenge erst heute entdeckt und daher spontan beschlossen Teil zu nehmen :)
Ich habe die Blumen fotografiert, als ich das Tulip Festival in Istanbul besuchte.


Nice photo -Хорошее фото =)

Thank you :)

Wow beautiful @hanen
Nice colorful photography

beautiful click 😍😍

Thank you :)

Wow what a lovely flowers....i have resteem this post and followed you...

Thank you Hellenna :)

You are my motivator on steemit....my own contest will soon be lunched next week,i hope i will have your support on it....

Wow, amazing colours! Great photo!

Thank you :)

Wow! Really amazing I bet you had a great day these are very beautiful flowers and I love the colours really thanks for sharing. I upvoted and resteemed your post pls follow my blog also

Yes the festival was in April and the weather was very nice. Thank you :)

Wow! 👌 so many colors!

Colors make us happy :)

The flowers are truly beautiful

Yes they are. Thank you :)

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Beautiful flower~

Thank you :)

Waaw Amazing photography, Great color

Alle Farben des Regenbogens vertreten, sehr schönes Photo!