The Story or Grille - A Beautiful Pinky Rose

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Once upon time ago, there was a cute pinky roses named Grille. She lived down in a little dark house inn under the ground. One day while she was sitting, she suddenly heard a little step sound above the house inn.

“Tok… Tok… Tok… excuse me, anybody above? Who is that?” said Grille.

“I’m Hourine, the angle of rain. I wanna come in,” said a little and soft sound.

“Oh no, you can’t come in,” said Grille.

Two hours later, there was another sound above her house inn

“Who is there?” Grille said.

The same soft little voice answered,” I’m Joenn, the angle of sunshine, I wanna come in!”

“Oh no, you can’t come in,” said Grille sadly.


By and by, as Grille still sat on, she heard a soft voice above, TAP, TAP, TAP and whisper, rustle and rustle. All sounds up and down the door, window, and at the key-hole.

“Hey, who is there again?” said Grille.

“It’s us, Hourine and Joenn. We are coming for you to give a good rain and bright sunshine,” said two little voice together.

“Oh, sounds good to hear. Dear my beautiful angle, if there are two of you, please come in quickly,” said Grille happily.

Then, Grille opened the door a little wee crack and in both of the angles came in. One of angle took one of her little hands. They let her ran, ran, ran with them on the right up to the top of the ground.


“Now, please poke your head through!” said Joenn.

Grille poke her head through hand she was in the midst of a beautiful garden. When the springtime came, all the other flowers had their heads poked through. Now, she is one of most prettiest little pinky rose ever in the whole garden.


Beautiful story! I like how you take a picture of nature and make your very own story too it! Very nice job and lovely photograph !

thank you very much at your attention and also give a great comment @newyorkfever

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