To experience so many flowers is great!

in flower •  2 months ago

In a local fair |flower exhibition|,I found lots of flower.Specially those are perfectly collapsed and displayed.The fair was held at Baracpur,Kolkata,West Bengal.

To encourage such fair is great scheme to develop plants __

Smartphone clicks
Random flowers
Most of the flowers are unknown





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This flower looks so beautiful. I love this flower.


Well,you love flowers

It's radiant not just graceful!

What beautiful flowers. from Venezuela I send a greeting.

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let me share my post link here,i hope you ll like these flowers too. But i also do not know these flowers name that you have posted. go through my post please

Hi @leohira123, what wonderfuls pics, you may add the tags petals and flowers. There go a lot of people to see the pics. You may use fie tags, then complete the number (If you want) Thanks for sharing