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When a plant is about to release its fruit, it usually begins with the appearance of flowers. Sometimes the flowers look beautiful and at other times look so very charming. Even sometimes not a few people who see it eager to pick it and carried away. But do we know if the flower was actually picked before it turned into fruit? It turns out it will not be how long it will soon wither and eventually will be removed by the picker. Indeed if it is still in the stalk, look so dazzling, but if taken at that moment then what happens is actually just become withered, not last long. Unlike the story if we let the flower continue to be in the stalk a little bit longer, of course the flower will turn into a fruit that is not only beautiful and soothing view if seen, but also can be consumed.
Dandelion flower is not a beautiful flower like a rose, and neither a very fragrant flower like jasmine or savory night, he is just a simple flower with a white flower light flowers so often called white-hat flowers. Live amongst the bush in grasslands, high cliffs, mountains or even places that are difficult to reach by humans so that he seems more worthless. But who knows the simple interest has many benefits and mythology is so interesting. Ancient Chinese medicine first used dandelion flower as a medicine to cleanse the blood and boost the immune system, besides in the middle east, the Arabs have been using dandelion plants in the 12th century as a medicine for the maintenance of liver and kidney health. Dandelion flowers symbolize love, hope, loyalty and joy.

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