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Mohammadi flower
The Mohammadi flower is a species of rose.
Rose water sweetened from this flower.
The initial birthplace of this beautiful, fragrant flower is the land of Iran and the Middle Eas and has been transmitted to other countries from there.
It has two major usage:
1.Some people take the sweat of flower,that is called rose water,they use it as a food stuffing or make it a syrup.
2.Drying for eating with yogurt or yogurt drink.
It has a lot of uses in the pharmaceutical, perfumery, health products, cosmetics and food industries.
It also has medicinal properties,that's effective,for the pain of rheumatism and heart,strenghtening of nerves and stomach,relieve some headaches, chronic cough, depression, etc.

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Very beautiful

عالی بود.

natures provides us with so many things with useful medicinal properties.

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