Super Ultimate Flat Earth Debunkification

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This well researched video, several years coming together, fully debunks every flat earth claim with the fact of the matter:

Earth is a massive sphere with determinate dimensions.

It is not hard to figure out if you are honestly interested in the truth.

Flat Earth might have been a contrarian fun run, a confused state due to all the false information promoted, a dedicated alternative non-objective realm, or a confirmation of one's religious beliefs, but as a movement expecting to prove the outlandish claim that Earth is a flat plane, well, it just ain't gonna happen no matter how hard one believes :)

Hope you enjoy this, the doco maker, Noah, is a friend and correspondent (he's on FB, but not here on Steemit, yet at least!).

As I've researched deeply into this and related geodetic and cosmographic subjects I'm happy to discuss any valid points in an intelligent and non-emotive manner, once you've watched the video!!!

flat earth horizon misuse of math 8 inches.jpg

Here is geodetic surveyor of four decades of global experience Jesse Kozlowski's youtube channel, with many demonstrations of measuring the curvature. Jesse is featured in the Noah's video, and is another friend and correspondent.

jesse youtube.PNG

So we have a deep field of knowledge and research to draw from.

flat earther research laughs.jpg

Please also see these related articles of mine, which are the beginning of a much longer series.

flat earth edge danger.jpg

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Flat out silliness.. lol!
Thanks for sharing.


It's incredible how far this has gone, and I expect it to sustain for the forseeable future despite the facts. The whole scenario has been a real education on many levels, but finally came to the realization that researching flat earth is a study of fundamentalist imprints in the paleomammallian cortex, how they can override one's ability to assess objective reality. We all have a bit of that, our emotions are important to decisions, but these extreme cases are fascinating.


Yes I also tend to think it is an experiment. It certainly has these qualities. But who knows..
Fascinating for sure.

I wonder what kind of minds were behind this rumor at the first place lol


Devious! And I doubt that facts will slow some folks down, this is a lucrative youtube industry now.

Additionally, their 'flat earth map' is not even a flat earth map, but a map of a GLOBE! It's incredibly ridiculous that they are so ignorant that they don't bother to even research things such as geodetic surveying before they decide to reject a round earth, or they just reject it and call geodetic surveying a hoax because it contradicts their ridiculous belief system.

If they were actually paying attention, they'd realize that if they can't even produce a MAP with correct distances between points in thousands of years, well, it would be meaningful that they simply cannot produce such a map/model. But they simply ignore this small detail and continue to carry out so called 'thought experiments' on an Azimuthal projection map of a GLOBE!

It's so incredibly ridiculous.


They ignore a few "small" details. Of course they researched geodetic surveying, their hypno-vids say it doesn't work and that's good enough proof for them. All ther claims fail, kind of sad lol

Hi @Alkemix, Thank You 4 Your attention to detail in this Post AND... quite frankly, the detailed, extensive research that is in all of Your Posts.

Well done Sir !!

More importantly, just wanted to touch base with You to know if everything is okay on Your side of the computer...

Also, please send me a quick email when You want to get some help from RandoWhale and the others because I'd like to do that 4 You, if that's okay.

Let's touch base directly, when it is most convenient.

Thanks Again... Have a Good Week !!


Hi @sacred-agent, have had a bit of writer's block as far as finalizing anything, but have been collecting and collating data. I have two major projects (and some minors) spread across articles, presentations and videos all in progress. Been planning to pull vignettes as I complete sections and post them here. Being a double Gemini does have its problems, how to deal with large scale data flows as far as rhetoricizing them back out in cogent form. Getting there, been flowing between geological structures and astrophysics, spent yesterday on von Heerzele, Kervran and related, doing some powerpoint slides. Perhaps I'll cut some slides & steemit them today :)


90+ slides in this powerpoint, here's 3 :)

Galileo's impulse.PNG

color error in thinking.PNG

light & electricity slide.PNG


Cosmological Botany!!! Flat Earthers don't know what they're missing, but nor do many normals etiher :)

lawrence edwards bud workshop.PNG

plant as planetary organism.PNG

archetypal plant.PNG

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