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RE: Haters Gonna Hate - The day of 1,000 downvotes

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To understand my intent, you must first read the Steem whitepaper. In this, you will see this remark.

Blockchain technology currently depends upon transaction fees to prevent spam.

Every comment you make is a transaction that must be processed and stored in the blockchain forever. Instead of fees, we have bandwidth, and making unnecessary comments impacts bandwidth.

The entire blockchain was recently under attack by a single account doing nothing but flooding the blockchain with transactions, which threw many of the servers that maintain the blockchain offline and prompted a quickly updated release to protect Steem.

If accounts continue to say "great video" and we grow from tens of thousands of active users to millions, all of these extra transactions will literally break the blockchain. You may think it is no big deal to make these comments, but you have not looked under the hood of the servers that run the Steem blockchain. It was just proven that flooding the blockchain with transactions can literally shutdown Steem and the comments I target are a literal flood of transactions.

You ask why I make these comments and the reason is to protect the blockchain. Without diving into the technical foundation of the blockchain it is easy to overlook the value in my work, but I am literally protecting the blockchain itself.

I hope this additional background of my work helps you understand my motivations and that you will soften your response.

Would you be willing to remove even one single flag as a gesture of compromise?


If you delete your post,I'll remove this flag.

It is not possible to delete a post once comments have been made on it.

Please let me know if reconciliation is possible. Thank you.

Exclusive comment, upvote for you!