Haters Gonna Hate - The day of 1,000 downvotes

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Floodgates are open

Earlier today I noticed some downvotes coming in. Like flooding in, to the tune of nearly 1,000 total downvotes today in just a few hours, all at -100%.

I've been trying to figure out what prompted such an overwhelming response. Looking through these accounts, I've definitely replied to some of them, but not all. I'm not sure what the common thread is, or even if there is one.

I'm wondering if someone wrote a post today asking people to downvote me? I do have alerts, but unfortunately they get flooded out by my own comments so I would have missed that. Please let me know if you've noticed anything like this because I'm interested to know what prompted this.

Fortunately, nearly all of these accounts are fairly new with low SP and with this many votes the VP was even lower so these didn't have a whole lot of impact, but I think the whole point was to get my attention. It worked, here I am!

You got my attention. Can I get your feedback?

It should be more than obvious that I'm always willing to come to the table, so I am asking any and all of these accounts to reply and let me know the source of your outrage. I'm here to support and improve the community and with a reaction like this you clearly don't feel I'm doing either so I'd like to hear your feedback.

I'm still working on revising my message to soften my tone, improve the educational message and ways to support new accounts unknowingly making these comments, and reduce my impact on the parent authors to respect their posts.

I have a lot more planned than there are hours in the day so it's going a little slower than I hoped, but I'm still making measurable progress each day. I hope to hear from these accounts or literally anyone with feedback and ways to improve my work.


Sorry, I can't answer your question, but at least I'll make sure you have a friendly comment here.

We were discussing elsewhere whether it might be possible to do some interesting things with a reversed version of your comment-quality algorithm, and I hoped you might be interested in weighing in.

Awesome, thanks for thinking of me! Heading to that post now...

So I am pretty new to your account, and so far I like most of what you have done. I looked at a list people you put up either today or yesterday calling them out for leaving spammy posts. One thing I noticed is that the one who had the largest payout for his comment did not seem like it was really spam to me. Specifically it was the post from @hynix you mentioned here: https://steemit.com/spam/@pleasestop/removable-rewards-2018-05-16

It is short and arguably doesn't contribute much, but I think calling it out as spam is going a bit too far. In the context of the post it was a comment on (which was literally just a picture of a nice sunset), it makes sense that the comment would be short and sweet. So I think you messed up with that one. People would be pissed of because you can be wrongly costing some people money. If I could offer advice, I'd say that it is wise to keep in mind the pitfalls of community/vigilante justice. One of them is that you can make a mistake that ends up costing somebody a lot of money because you, intentionally or not, send a mass of people to downvote their content. Maybe err more on the side of saying that something is not spam if it seems to be in a grey area.

Basically, "With great power comes great responsibility". https://tenor.com/view/spiderman-responsibility-gif-4589950

I appreciate your feedback, you make some great points but there's an important detail that I realize I'm leaving out. The account you mention is actually part of a voting circle. Look at every post and comment and it's the exact same accounts voting, every single time. That's why this account is on my list, but I need to point that out a little more clearly.

A secondary point is that I'm not automatically downvoting these posts myself right now for exactly this reason. I want everyone to use their objective judgement to determine if they feel a post is worthy of a flag.

My larger mission is simply to remove the incentive for creating bad content. I appreciate your remarks about vigilante justice, but if you dig into my posts and comments you'll see clear evidence quite the contrary.

Maybe err more on the side of saying that something is not spam if it seems to be in a grey area.

I will always err on the side of protecting the rewards pool and the blockchain itself from the impact on bandwidth from superfluous comments. Any account that is producing legitimate content can easily recover from a few lost rewards and we have clearly seen that the community is happy to continue supporting actual content.

busted i'll not spamming .spamming you busted, bullshit.

So you are flagging me because I replied to you?

As a good faith gesture I have removed my last reply but there was already flag on it or I would have fully deleted it.

Would you be willing to remove your flags? If you remove all your flags I will remove all my comments or edit them to say removed if there are votes or replies and I'll even whitelist you so you will not see me reply to your comments again.

Please let me know how to reconcile our differences so we may move on.

no you disturb all people.you will spamming.you're spammer.

Also, please understand that your other comment is considered a crime in some jurisdictions so would you please delete that comment? Thank you.

Issue was satisfactorily resolved comment deleted.

Once again thank you.

hey fucker what't your problem .you fucker spamming busted.

I've spoken about the irony of my own spam and I will soon have a new approach which considerably reduces my comments.

Is the volume of my comments your primary grievance? I do not see that I've replied to you so I'm unsure why I've upset you to this degree.

As I mentioned in another reply here, would you be willing to remove your flags?

Again, I do not see replies to your account but if I've replied to another account and you'd like me to remove those I would be willing to do so if you remove your flags. And again I'll whitelist that account.

Beyond that, let me know specifically what you dislike about me and what I can do to descrease or stop this level of aggression.

You are wrongly making these comments, but why? A person can make a similar comment to a picture video repeatedly, the profile owner does not have any problem with it. Why do you have problems Are you annoyed by all this kind of remarks, is it not spam? We are 10000 people in extra communities. I warn you, then if you see any work then I'll flag you 100000.You will not have a valid account expired.
So be careful.

To understand my intent, you must first read the Steem whitepaper. In this, you will see this remark.

Blockchain technology currently depends upon transaction fees to prevent spam.

Every comment you make is a transaction that must be processed and stored in the blockchain forever. Instead of fees, we have bandwidth, and making unnecessary comments impacts bandwidth.

The entire blockchain was recently under attack by a single account doing nothing but flooding the blockchain with transactions, which threw many of the servers that maintain the blockchain offline and prompted a quickly updated release to protect Steem.

If accounts continue to say "great video" and we grow from tens of thousands of active users to millions, all of these extra transactions will literally break the blockchain. You may think it is no big deal to make these comments, but you have not looked under the hood of the servers that run the Steem blockchain. It was just proven that flooding the blockchain with transactions can literally shutdown Steem and the comments I target are a literal flood of transactions.

You ask why I make these comments and the reason is to protect the blockchain. Without diving into the technical foundation of the blockchain it is easy to overlook the value in my work, but I am literally protecting the blockchain itself.

I hope this additional background of my work helps you understand my motivations and that you will soften your response.

Would you be willing to remove even one single flag as a gesture of compromise?

If you delete your post,I'll remove this flag.

It is not possible to delete a post once comments have been made on it.

Please let me know if reconciliation is possible. Thank you.

Exclusive comment, upvote for you!

Usually I prefer to disregard this vulgarity but this account gave me 118 downvotes so I was hoping for a chance to talk.

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I 'll not spamming. you will spamming busted.

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