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I'm not going to flag people, even if they deserve a flag right up their backside.
If they annoy me that much I just won't read anything they write in future.
the best way to deal with people you don't like or content you don't like, it to ignore it and it will go away.

You can focus on the negative and get all wound up about what other people are posting, or look at all the awesome content and marvel at the talent people possess.

Those are the posts that I look at, so I never have to flag anyone because I don't waste my time on crap.


Well, the argument would be that if all the quality posts that you are viewing are getting smaller rewards, but all of the 'crap' is making a ton, then people downvoting the crap would put more back into the reward pool for the 'good' posts.

The bigger question then is 'why are the crap posts getting all the votes?'

If this is user led i.e. the users decide, then the 'crap' posts are actually the good posts from the user's perspective because more people are voting for them.

To you (and me) they may be crap content, but to all the people that voted for them, it's good enough for a vote.

Isn't that what this is all about?

I agree it is very subjective.

You can have cases where whales consistently upvote their friends (crappy) content at the expense of all the posts that are getting tons of engagement and upvotes from 'regular users'. So here, the posts with 'more people voting on them' would be losing.

So maybe the solution is a very simple one.
We make the voting weight for everyone equal.
No more whales upvoting each other.
No more whale hunts.
No more power held in just a few hands.

Maybe even turn it around a bit.
The more SP you have, or more rep, the more you get paid, not the more your vote is worth.
So the algorithm works out what value you are to the Steemit community, and those who are of more value get more of the rewards.

So that should make people want to keep more SP and to create more good quality posts.
Not just based on how much SP you have

It is prone to Sybil attacks. There is nothing stopping people from just creating thousands of accounts.

Since the change in the flagging rules I have lost all faith in this platform, and see it only as practice for something better. The instant I see a platform arise that deals with this in a reasonable manner, I am right the f*ck out of here. I would rather work to better a platform where one is not penalized for being unpopular with the rich and powerful. I agree with your philosophy, but am looking for a community where more people believe it.

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