What needs to happen in my opinion is that we change the weight and treatment of the downvotes ("flags) and replace the flag icon with a regular downvote button. Flags can then be introduced separately if we want to.

The weight shouldn't change. The weight for both up and down votes is the same (it just depends how much rewards is already on the post) and it should be that way imo.

Then maybe we're not talking about the same total weight here. I'm merely suggesting that a single whale accounts fullest possible downvoting power ought to have a lower impact. If we still disagree, that's fine of course.

So you're talking about the n^2 curve that increases the rewards with every rShare of a vote. I'm undecided as I've never seen it done without that but I believe the point was so that posts with sort of "concensus" do a lot better than posts supported by one side or the other.


So you're talking about the n^2 curve that increases the rewards with every rShare of a vote.

Yes, well inverted because we're talking about negative votes. I think so, but I went to public school so you may still have confused me there. The actual outcome (the logaritmic curve, n^2?) needs to be changed so that a single whale account (or however large the number of whale votes might need to be, which makes me sound like a socialist for sure) has a lower an impact (no good objective level discovered so far) on a single average user than it has currently.

The exact goal to be reached needs to be an ongoing discussion. However, changing the weight is not a first priority to me.

First priority would be to separate Rep hurting flags (that then would only be used to call out other users on actual objectively defined criterias for what is considered anti-social "abusive behaviour" not primarily relating to the 'money' economical side of the platform) from the regular reward system in the form of down-/upvotes for the content based on individual taste.

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