@fertipo "bot anti fraud" flags randomly

in flag •  5 months ago

One of my colleagues @marm and his friends are designing a decentralized software for putting will testaments in the blockchain.

I've made a post to support him https://steemit.com/ico/@droida/ico-will-testament-token-pre-sale-starts-on-august-1st-2018

I know him personally and it is not a scam but a long and hard work.

@fertipo flagged it 100% without any comment. It is a bot that only flags and resteems. No comment at all, so there is no way to discuss with the owner.

Do you find it fair? Are you also flagged by bots? Is there a lot of these?

Screenshot - 14.07.2018 - 23:10:22.png

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Hi there, unfortunately there is nothing we (@steemcleaners) can do about this.

My advice is to just ignore it, they do no real damage (except some confusion as some people think it is us, but it isn't). I reckon they will give up eventually as it is a pointless venture.

More info: https://steemit.com/steemcleaners/@steemcleaners/impersonator-flag-accounts


Thank you for the information. Is it possible that @steem delegates no SP?


We are providing Steemit with any steem made accounts to get the delegation removed. So hopefully that will put them off. :)