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Recently numerous random users have received flags from accounts that sport the @steemcleaners banner. These accounts do not belong to the @steemcleaners team in any way shape or form.

There are currently approximately 90 known accounts belonging to a user who flags Steemians for no apparent reason at all. The flags are tiny and typically cannot damage an account. All of the accounts were recently created through the Steemit faucet and have the default delegation.

Flags issued by an account with a lesser reputation than the receiving account cannot negatively affect the receiving account's reputation. Flags issued by accounts with tiny, baseline delegations, may only have a negligible effect on projected post valuation, if that.

If you received a random flag by an account that's either named after the @steemcleaners or a member of our team or sports our logo or a version thereof, please be aware that this is not ourselves.

This is the official list of accounts that are part of the @steemcleaners family:


Our team member accounts are:


Our accounts and team members do not randomly flag users as we operate within a pre-defined scope for reducing plagiarism and abuse within the Steem ecosystem.

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Thanks for useful info...:)...

There are currently approximately 90 known accounts belonging to a user who flags Steemians for no apparent reason at all. The flags are tiny and typically cannot damage an account. All of the accounts were recently created through the Steemit faucet and have the default delegation.

My intuition was telling me there must be someone behind all this. Someone or a very small number with accounts that enjoy these types of childish games (annoying everyone else while they/him/her/it sits back to enjoy the drama). It's an affront to legitimate users. I for example, only have 1 account, I'm not interested in owning any more. But even if I did, I think 90 accounts for the same user is an affront to legitimate users. I've seen people in the platform being so vocal about those unfairly abusing the reward pool... isn't owning 90 accounts an abuse of the reward pool?

Or is this account so powerful no one dares to stop its abuse of the platform? I couldn't care else who this person/bot/gang is... I do care about wasting my time and being dragged into something I have no interest in. I wouldn't even care much about the flags if this gang didn't plaster all over their accounts that they flag people by being abusers... as I stated elsewhere I feel personally insulted by this.

There should be a limit on how many accounts each user could create. It would lower the amount of spammers and parasites in the platform. The future looks bleak indeed if this goes on: content creators and manual curators what incentives do they have at the moment? Maybe the real reason this person/bot/gang has is exactly to stop people creating content. The thought has crossed my mind more than once.

Hugs! ❤


I also had some flags from @fertipo, @numerusclosus and @jeanmaloro. Posting nothing, there is no way to flag them.

I also believe that there is a unique creator of all these accounts. A limit on account creation will be easy to trick with proxies.

Is it possible that @steem delegates no SP to these accounts?


I got another one: @jupitor21. This claims to be a loving bot, lol less insulting...

Am I the only one finding this is going too far already?

Exactly @droida these zero posters should not be allowed to upvote nor downvote until they contributed something to the community.

Thank you for making Steem a lot better place for us all.

I was flagged by 3 accounts, in fact they are doing MASSIVE flagging of hundreds of accounts and all are upvoting a few of the same accounts. Suspicious!


I muted them. I think everyone should mute them. Not sure if it will prevent further flagging but it would be great if these rogue accounts can be deleted.


muting doesnt prevent flagging

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I had a couple of those, but their voting power was insignificant. Still bad that they can damage your reputation


I had one yesterday - so small and insignificant it didnt do anything. Still dont understand what their motive is


I imagine they are just trying to rally support against us. I've had a number of messages from very upset members of the community. The want to create the perception that we and our bots have gone rogue.


Yes trying to rock the boat! I have just ignored it and got on with my blog...

Thanks for the heads up! I've received a few flags myself by accounts that, according to steemworld, had a lot of outgoing flags. Do you guys also deal with these and how should one report these? I've tried the report form on the steemcleaners website but it requires a link to some post or comment.


I had one yesterday that all it did was downvote content. It only had 15sp and not much voting power so wont affect anyone. I just moved on and wondered what it was all about

G’day mate! and I Upvoted you :) !
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They did manage to get the attention of big players.. i must say a very creative process

a yes a got 3 of them a was wondering of it. was planing to send in a report on the matter but a bit hard to figuration sins it was no posts on the accounts just flagging me. ty on the info.

I also had some votes from some of those accounts... and I think that's really unfair, because I use my own content.... and even though they didn't harm my reputation it's still bad. Additionally I have a user that is also making comments on my posts and spamming with his own links (The tile of one of those posts is: Saint Petersburg: Pelmeni, a Russian dish).Can you please help me @steemcleaners? The user's name is

I get them too. This article and the links in it explains it, basically its one pissed off asshole.

I hope he doesn't figure out how to rent delegation

That's @zorrolopiu who downvoted who has not even started blogging yet and has reputation of 25 and doesnt have idea about steemit yet ? NO POST NO FOLLOWERS still flagged my 3 recent post significantly as all are my random posts with my own pictures... they may have low reputation but downvotes damages our accounts.

Is there currently any site where we can send the accounts which abuse flags?

@steemcleaners you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

This is some good news. Our community was quite worried about their abuses.

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Got downvoted by these people three times in 24h... all with low voting power. I reported some of them

Thank you for the update. I have also been 100% down voted on my genuine / original posts by low rep accounts which do not offer any content. I have reported the instances here:

I haven't received any feedback so I wonder whether or not it is worth reporting... I do not want to inadvertently become a spammer.

I would appreciate your advice. Many thanks.

Is your group keeping track of these accounts? If so I have another for the list. topmaxrewards

Hello, my blog has been trampled by your robot. I don't know why. See my reply, please help to deal with it, thank you very much.

Way back I got a ton of down votes from accounts who took your banner from your wall. When I went on the wall, one user had multiple accounts with the same header as yours

Thanks for the notice @patrice... I was flagged by those poser bots and thought it was the real steemcleaners. Glad to see that the real steem cleaners is still working as intended. :)

@patrice Hello. I'm just an ordinary Steemian minding my own business contributing where I see fit. Can you please fix your bot from down voting all my posts. I dont understanding what i've done to deserve this treatment. Thank you with all due respect.