APRICOT 5 minute freewrite

My daughter was born after an extremely short labour, all properly in the hospital.
My husband was also in recovery..... from the terror of perhaps having to deliver her in the back seat of the car.
He was limp and more exhausted than I was.

She, the most precious gift in the whole world, lay in my arms. Her newborn whisps of hair dried to reveal the most beautiful shade of ripe apricots.
In my idyllic state of euphoria I remembered a day that my best friend,Myra and I had stood in the tippy top of a sturdy apricot tree in the orchard. It's branches had tempted us to climb as high as we could to get the fattest most temptingly succulent fruits almost bursting with goodness.

Juice ran down our chins and dripped lavishly. We spat the pips with vigour. We laughed and the wind whipped it away, to echo forever into the ethos.
We collected fat packets of apricots to make into jam.

It was a 'never forget this moment' and I haven't.

I savoured it at the miraculous moment celebrating my first born............safe, in my arms at last.

I took it out to savour on the harsh day of Myra's funeral.
My daughter with her glowing head of apricot hair read her favourite Psalm 21.

Apricots forever.

A year later, to celebrate, I planted a Just Joey rose as a birthday present for us both.



Great psalm @justjoy, I happen to be on 28 right now so I didn’t have to go that far back. 😉

God bless you—thank you for introducing us to Myra.

See this @splatz?

I take that blessing seriously, thank you......it's what makes my world go round.
Is splatz connected to you?
Good to meet you both.

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I've been 'SPLATTED!' .
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It's hard to imagine how birth labors could be a joyous memory. I'd feel just like your husband did: limp and exhausted. Imagination could be a dreadful thing. :)

Oh how you make me laugh! You men are 'woosies" (weak and spinelss)
The memory of labout is much better than the actual experience.
Thanks for the comment mgaft1

Tell me about it. You cannot imagine how lucky and privileged I feel that I don't have to experience this type of torture and then be happy about it. :)

It may sound trite but the indescribable JOY of the moment, holding one's new born..................priceless and yes, everything fades into obscurity.....no effort
You gave me my first laugh of the day! Thank you.

You’re very welcome—my pleasure.

Splatz and I teamed up together a little over a year ago when we co-created @foodfightfriday together. Since then he’s gone on to support various initiatives as I have myself and we both curate for a few of them, stuff like that. So, yeah, I guess we’re connected if that’s what you want to call it.

I’m just glad I found this article @justjoy, there was so much emotion in one sentence, I had to read it like 5 times to make sure i was reading it properly.

God bless you. 2Tim 3:16. Did you notice my profile location? You’ll probably enjoy that one too. 👍🏿

Whoops! I almost left without saying congratulations on the attention on this one, that’s much better than last time I saw it.

This gave me goosebumps - such a lovely gesture.

I only get goosebumps when something is unusually special so I'm particularly touched by your comment.
Thank you anneke

Hi @justjoy, your name is so very apt! Your writings are an absolute joy, thank you for sharing this special one here with us!

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My goal each day is to experience moments of perfect joy (peace too!) I am blessed living near the beach so I'm able to recharge each day and be glad.
All the very best to you. You have given me my first moment of joy today, just reading your comment.
Thank you.

That's the very best place to recharge, enjoy the beach and thank you 🤗

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I love birthdays.....especially those not associated with me gaining an extra year!
Yes, a big milestone for me and I look forward to another year and hope to communicate more and more with my fellow steemians.
Thank you.

Beautiful way to remember such important events that mix joy and deep pain.
Birth and death.
It reminds me that death is an enemy that will be defeated and will no longer exist.

We are absolutely on the same page mariita52.
The bible says in Corinthians that death has lost its sting and my belief gives me hope.
Yes, death is dead!
Thank you for your encouragement.