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Hey everyone. If you haven’t seen my last post then I’ll just update you real quick. I lost my job today. And was stressed and scared and still have no idea what I’m toing to do. But I can’t let that stop me from the gym.

The gym is my therapy, my safety blanket.

In the mood I was in earlier, I didn’t want to gym. But after time has passed and am feeling a little better, I’m here working hard.

Your dreams don’t work unless you do. So I’m putting in work.

I guess I can take this as a blessing in disguise and do the best I can with what I got.

For today’s chest day:
Bench press: 30 reps at 135lbs
Reverse grip bench press-30 reps at 95lbs
Incline bench press-30 reps at 95lbs
Dumbbell fly/press super set-60 reps at 25lb dumbbells
Laying overhead dumbbell pullover-30 reps at 30lbs
Incline isolaion press machine-30 reps at 25lbs plate each side.
Tricep press machine-30 reps at 75lbs
Single arm cable fly-60 reps
Regular cable flys-30 reps

Now I could have stayed at home and wallowed in misery (In which I did for a little bit and cried my eyes out) or I can get out and do something to better myself. There nothing wrong with that, but when you dwell on things for too long it becomes a problem.

I always say no excuses. And that applies to me too.

No Excuses.

Don’t forget to check out my boy @steemmatt and the amazing 100 reps community we got going on!

If you guys don’t mind. Please check out my Advocare website. I’m going to be pushing it even harder now that I’m jobless. It’s kind of my last resort but rent time is just around the corner. So please by buying something, or even just re-steem this post. Thank you guys.

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Advocare website:

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Ouch. Sorry to hear this. The gym can be your shelter to clear your mind and give you time away from any stress.

Fortunately, Steemit can develop into a supplemental income stream in the next couple of months for you. I started with nothing and have even cashed out a bit, in just 6 months.


Thank you bro. Hopefully I can make it big on steemit haha.

Sorry to hear the bad news bud, good to see you still committed to the gym.
Hopefully you will have a new job in no time :)


Thanks bro!!! Yeah hopefully soon. I’m keeping my head up :)

Does that mean you're full-time crypto now ;) ?

Sorry to hear that, the gym can be a great refuge though. My theory of personal inertia says that if you stop being active, it will make it harder for you to get out and get stuff done. Just having that one thing to do everyday will make it easier to get through the rest. Plus it's scientifically proven the sexier you are the better your chances are in an interview, so keep at it!

Also pro tip, NEVER do the power-up option what SBDs are over $1. You are throwing away a ton of earnings.


Haha got it!! Thank you!