100 Reps Challenge | Mon 16 April | Vibrant Yogini

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Today's Fitness Completed

  • 1 hour yoga
  • 200 squats

My Assessment

After my fun-filled weekend of dancing with my best friends, I could have completed more! Maybe tomorrow ;)


Join the @steemmatt 100 Reps Daily Challenge (courtesy of @steemmatt)!

If you need inspiration to get back into a physical fitness routine, you should get involved with the 100 reps challenge!!


To participate, you have to do is:

  • 100 honest reps of exercise every day. No excuses. Just actions, positivity, and results.
  • Only post AFTER your reps are done.
  • You choose what types of exercise reps to do.
  • 30 minutes of fitness walking, running, spinning, biking, cross-country skiing, etc., can count as 100 reps if you need to rest or can't use weights.
  • Weights not required.
  • Do real reps with good form, aiming for 100+.
  • Start your reply with "Challenge Completed".
  • Reply with a list of the exercises and reps you did.
  • Cumulative tallies are appreciated as a separate line.
  • Only submit reps you've done, not ones you're planning to do.
  • Use the tag "fitnesschallenge" on associated posts.
  • Upvoting or resteeming is appreciated to reach more.
  • Try to upvote as many contributors as possible to motivate and support each other.


Wishing you a successful and energetic workout!

Namaste x


P.S. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" ~ Lao Tzu





Yoga merupakan olahraga yang sangat bagus dan di gemari banyak orang

Well, I wish this had a built-in translator! Maybe I should install the explorer extension!! :)

yoga is a very good sport and many people love it especially women

Thank you!!! So true!! I LOVE yoga!! Where are you from?

sorry i do not really like yoga i prefer taekwondo, where i live many people love yoga, i am from indonesia Where do you come from

I wanted to guess somewhere around there because I recognised some of the words, although i have no idea of the translation! I spent two months in Bali, 1 week of which in Komodo! Indonesia is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to return!! You don't need to apologise for not liking yoga :) but I am sure both activities have certain similarities :D

yes it does have something in common more precisely me in indonesia live in aceh have you ever been to sabang island image

No but I bet it's beautiful there!! I would love to go to that part of the world one day! It's very close to Malaysia! Tropical paradise!!! :)

yoga is a very good sport and many people love it especially women