Challenge Completed - Legs and Abs Day 700 reps on May 15

in fitnesschallenge •  10 months ago

I have been neglecting my abs and legs a bit lately, so I thought I better start training them again.
I'm finding that all this running really makes my legs sore though.

I also dropped a few exercises, thought I better ease back into legs and abs after nearly a month of not training them.

If you would like to join us for the 100 rep challenge started by @steemmatt please do. I encourage everyone to make the commitment to better themselves health wise.

Here is the last post for the challenge if you wanna join :)

☠️ The Workout - Legs and Abs Day ☠️

💪 20 reps * 5 sets arnie abs crunches, @24.5kgs

💪 20 reps * 5 sets oblique crunches, @12kgs

💪 20 reps * 5 sets standing calf single leg, @ body weight 117 kgs

💪 20 reps * 5 sets leg extensions, @40kgs

💪 20 reps * 5 sets leg curls @40kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets standing calf, @160kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets leg extensions, @89kgs

💪 8 reps * 5 sets leg curls, @89kgs

💪 12 reps * 5 sets seated abs crunches, @25kgs


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Dam, I wish i could kill a leg workout like you brother! Good stuff!!


Haha yeah my legs are still killed, just take a few scoops of pre workout and you will tear up the gym ;)

Hey. You have a lot of voice, and giving me a paw up it did not give me much. What is this all about?

Good post my friend @thevillan

Please upvote me @halim08

No, no, no!
Table tennis.... Only table tennis, man :)

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