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Hey everyone!!

Have you ever had a leg day leaving with “noodle legs?” Well it’s not a leg day unless you have noodle legs!

For today’s workout:
Squats-30 reps
Start off with 135lbs then do the last two sets at 205lbs

Leg press-30 reps
2 sets of 10 at 360lbs then last set at 450lbs

Calf leg press-30 reps
2 sets of 10 regular reps. Last rep you hold it up for 2 seconds every time for 10 reps. 270lbs

Seated leg curls- 30 reps at 85lbs

Inner thigh machine (no idea what it’s called lol)-30 reps at 170lbs

Outer thigh machine-30 reps at 185lbs

Calf raises- 30 reps at 190lbs

Went pretty heavy with weights today so I’m tired out. What did you all workout today?? And always remember the golden rule...

Never skip leg day!!

Come join our 100 reps community here on this green link! I’ve been going at it since beginning of January! It’s never too late to try to start for your goals!!

No Excuses!!
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Lol every leg day is noodle legs day for me :D


Haha me too!! I love it lol.

I've skipped many leg days for years. I hate legs, but I'm getting back into them with the basics at home. Nice work. If you get a chance, throw the fitnesschallenge tag on your fitness posts so people can link it up down the line. I'm trying to keep pushing for people to give everyone more credit. You deserve it!


I’ll be on it bro! Thank you!!

Gotta build up them legs 💪 get that strong foundation.