FatHarley is Down 6 inches in the waist !

in fitness •  10 months ago

It feels good that im on my last belt hole and am almost ready to poke some more this is where i wore my belt before.



Im pretty happy with my reaults so far! If you havent been following or just dont remember where i started you can see it at this post here


Hope this helps to inspire you on your own journey


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There are many famous health quotes that are fun and interesting from famous writers, artists, politicians and celebrities.


got some to share?

Congrats man! What kind of diet are you on or what type of exercise are you doing? What weight did you start at?


i broke 300 lbs prior to starting just been eating less and walking more if you follow the link to that first post its pretty easy to follow along thanks for the congrats but i got a long way tongo to hot my final goal of 220