Body Transformation

in fitness •  last year  (edited)

I want to share my personal fitness journey with you. I've always been called the "skinny girl" or "skinny bitch" and I never liked that. I preferred myself as healthy and strong. In these three photos, I still considered myself as healthy and strong! I was actually surprised at my body changes and weight gained each year. To others, it may be unhealthy since my weight can fluctuate but to me, I feel completely normal. Again, in all three photos... I had different goals and I felt great in whatever shape I've molded myself!!! The 2018 body transformation is still in the making because I've been spin cycling and started back lifting more weights! Remember that it's not about the weight but the shape that you want! Don't worried about what others are saying and just focus on how you're feeling great! Stay tuned for progress photos :)

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I really appreciate that! There will be more to come!

I like skinny girls


Everyone has their preferences! Good to know! I like all types ;)

Ok @suematters I like skinny girls


aww nice!! i was skinny, but I've gained curves and muscles :) all from spin cycling and eating more carbs and proteins.