90 Day Challenge - Day 33

in fitness •  7 months ago


Doing a visa run

If you don’t know what a visa run is, since I’m a Canadian living in Indonesia, my visa for Bali is valid for two months and I then have to leave the country to come right back in and get onto a new visa.

So I left to Kuala Lumpur for my visa run.


I usually go to Singapore but flights were expensive.

I love Singapore.

KL is okay, but it’s not my favourite if I had the choice between the two.


But the rum...!!

You can’t go back into Bali without picking up a bottle of something.

It’s never for me though. I’m not a drinker.

This time it’s for a friends birthday present.

I know it’s not rum, but that was what Jack Sparrow always said in the first Pirates of the Caribbean.


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