90 Day Challenge - Day 31 Phase 2

in #fitness2 years ago


New Month New Routine

So the past month I’ve been hitting up Pull days and Push days with some running as cardio, for a total of 5 days a week.

I’ve been reading lately a lot about something else that may result in greater fat loss and bigger muscle gainz...

Full Body Workouts

It’s very interesting and I’ve always done split workouts, so I’m willing to try something new as well.

It’s always fun trying something new, and you have to, it keeps things exciting.

Here’s a couple of videos in regarding full body workouts:


Whats the best time to workout according to you ?

Hey man thanks for the comment. I don’t believe there’s a set good time to workout, for me I’m up at 5am some days and while others will be after work.

It all really depends on how I’m feeling.

Sometimes I wake up at 5am and my body tells me that it’s not time. So I’ll sleep in and maybe later that evening I’ll go for a workout.

Just listen to your body and do what motivates you I always say.

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