We aren't the only ones in our family who lift

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While he's been off his training for the last two months, our eldest child has been doing Olympic Lifting for the last two years. He is a naturally gifted athlete whose main struggle is overcoming the mental hurdles to challenge his body. Fortunately, Hoosier Athletic Club has two amazing coaches who have worked with him to help him achieve body weight lifts.


To the left of the image is Jenna Tieman. She was the first to work with Kid 1. This was before he was taller than her. LOL. He hit a major growth spurt and saw his potential reflected by Jenna's husband, Shaun. Shaun is a tall guy with lots of strength and mobility, much like Kid 1. It's always good to have a role model when you are trying to make gains.


Here you can see that Kid 1 wasn't totally confident in his setup. He's had issues with that left ankle and tends to favor it. But when he gets to the top of his lift, he's back in that secure position. He only has 65lbs on that barbell. Jenna kept it light so he could focus on good form rather than risk injury. Hi, littlest sister!


He didn't think he could do it, but Jenna was with him every step letting him know he could and congratulating him at the top of the lift. Kid 1 walked away from that session feeling his own power. It was wonderful.


What CrossFit and Oly have done for Kid 1 is manifold. It's about the mental grit, but lifting heavy weights is amazing for Autism. Believe me. I (@shawnamawna) know. I lift because it keeps my nervous system healthy by compressing my joints and giving my body the feedback bodies without sensory processing disorder already have. Squatting heavy is about more than great glutes; it soothes anxiety, relieves depression and increases my sensory threshold. Kid 1 benefits from lifting in even more ways than I can articulate. Frankly, if I had the funds, he would lift three times a week. I go in four.

Actually, Kids 2 and 3 also lift. Kid 3 was featured on the HAC site and social media not long ago doing a greater than body weight kettle bell lift with perfect form. She did it with joy and ease. Is she a future CrossFit Games athlete? I hope so. Swolemates producing swolebabies? Awesome.

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Jenna kept it light so he could focus on good form rather than risk injury

Form is everything, i mainly do bodybuilding but also know a little bit about crossfit, and form in crossfit is very important, good thing that kid is learning it very soon, training without form is a sure way to end up in the hospital.

I love to see this! I used to coach the Kids class at our box and I saw, over and over, the confidence they gained. One of the kids in my class went from a C student to an A student. Another, who had issues with anxiety, was able to manage it better and more fully enjoy life. The smiles were priceless! Way to go Mom & Dad!

I've coached Olympic lifting for more than 20 years.

Your boy looks like he has a real talent.

Could I make a few observations ?