That’s awesome @mariannewest! Love it! How’s your workout buddy @dreemsteem doin?

I have to find her.... Maybe she is still in San Diego and I can get her to go for a walk :)

WO Tuesday: 3000 steps and some stretching.


Okay, I mentioned you in this video and I am showing what part of my workout is LOL

And I nominated you for this challenge...

Wow!! @mariannewest Your yard is amazing! You are so knowledgeable! Where do you live?

And THAT is some exercise for sure!!! That mulch pile is bigger than me!

Which challenge did you nominate me for? The 7 days of gratitude? Where can I find information about it?

I am in San Diego :)
Yes, the gratitude or positive vibes. Here is the latest I wrote. Steemit is not working well for me today