Getting totally shredded - My new diet plan with @angiec

in fitness •  4 months ago

Hi all,

As @plantstoplanks had mentioned in our previous video, abs are made in the kitchen, and therefore I need to make a change in my diet.

Since I am not good at balancing my meals, I had to ask my beautiful sister in law @angiec for help! She's a personal trainer, a fitness coach and also studies sports nutrition. She also happens to have the abs that I dream of, so she's definitely qualified to help me out here =)

My current weight is 130 pounds (56kg), but I need to lose some body fat in order to show a six-pack. In order to do that, I have to stop eating and drinking all the things I like the most, such as French fries, pizza, bread, fats like olive and coconut oil, and everything that is either high in carbs or fats and sugars. This also means giving up wine and beer (yes, I'm crying a little bit right now!).

This is the start of a series I am going to do with her, so stay tuned for more videos about our collaboration to get me totally shredded!

And please cross your fingers for me to be strong and stick to my new diet!

PS - You can follow Angie here on Steemit, or on Instagram as @thisisangiefit and @thisisangiec.


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as a bodybuilder i like this video


Thank you @gnusmas!!

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as jiu jitsu practitioner I like this video!
well done @evecab and @angiec you are a machine!