3.3 miles in 55 minutes, GYM day 11

last month

NOTHING = not on my mind and not in my now.

Physical freedom is in perfect balance with mental slavery.

Central Intelligence Agency = pineal gland... Craig :)


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@craig-grant no way that is crazy how did you run that far in that short amount of time

seems you like sport, everyday in swimming pool, bicycle, beach and now gym nice lifestyle.

wonderfull @craig 3.3 miles in55 minuts is a good progress and u r also complete fit and perfect keep it up always for keep ur fitness

good vidio mister @craig-grant
thank you

wonderfull @craig-grant, 55 minuts is good progress for you to always for keep ur fitness

Gym, gym gym.... Pitching high voice: ''Look at your haaaire!'' Dude, that made my day!

Anyways, keep up the healthy life! We sure want you as our Steemit-grandpa in 60 years.


Gotta work off the TWO BEERS this weekend. . .
But really, I thought that LLOONNGG WWAALLKK from the beach would cover it.
Keep working out - It's great for you and the followers. ..
I'll need to walk tonight too now. . .

Great one....

Everyday is an improvement , I'll be seeing you at 2-2 and half minutes for 3 miles soon.

Here I am stripping paint off a wooden deck and you are working out. You go Craig. - Troy

Hey well done,
Some navy seal sit ups and youll be sorted in no time
keep it up