Steemians Fitness Challenge💪🏾 Quick 15 minutes workout you can do anywhere, anytime!

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No time to for the gym?

Try this quick 15-minute workout with me!

This workout is designed to strengthen your core and lower back, also to improve your cardio performance.

Let's go!!

Warm up, Jumping Jacks
30 seconds

🖐🏾 Pause for 15 seconds;

Half Burpees 10 seconds

🖐🏾 Pause for 15 seconds

Plank climbers 10 seconds

🖐🏾 Pause for 15 seconds

Plank with Knee drive, 15 seconds

🖐🏾 Pause for 15 seconds

Mountain Climbers 15 seconds

🖐🏾 Pause for 15 seconds

Leg Extension plank 10 seconds

🖐🏾 Pause for 15 seconds

Repeat circuit 3 Times.

If it's your first time exercising or you haven't worked out in a long time, please do what you can and take longer rest periods up to 1minute.

Do you have questions send me a message here or on Facebook at:

Caribbeanmon 👊🏾

Fitness and Wellness Coach, Motivator, Travel/life Blogger

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Cool! That's the kind of workout I like! No need of tools, doesn't much time! I'll try it

Let me know if it was too easy for you @airmatti 😎

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I did it with two small variations, ten cycles of every exercize + ten push-ups repeated two times. It was not easy at all for me! I like that you do cardio and I felt the whole body working. A question, do you stretch after working out? Or do you stretch every week?

"There is a stronger driving force of steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will" (Niccolò Machiavelli and Albert Einstein).
I need the will to practice your lesson. Thanks a lot @caribbeanmon


Give it a try you never know what can happen! 😎

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@didobiker 😂😂😂 best quote ever of being lazy 👏👍

Nice workout, I'm doing insanity workout

Liked this workout post, @caribbeanmon. Can come back and watch the ones I want to do as I do them. With much longer pauses in between of course! ;) Thanks. Resteeming, FB/tweeting.

Thanks for your support @angelacs

When you try the workouts let me know how it goes! 😊

Thank You! Recently I realized, that I don't have time for the gym, because I am constantly with the child. And I sewed sports at home while the daughter sleeps! Want to try your workout)

Your welcome @naditinkoff anything I can do to help.

Matter fact I specialize in helping busy moms get into shape.

Reach out to me anytime if you have questions or need help!

You got this fitness thing on lock!

I can do the excersice, but at a much slower pace.

And heavier breathing.

It's pretty normal if it's your first time doing this exercise @jgvinstl to have heavy breathing.

Try to be persistent with the workouts two to three times a week.

You will experience major improvement in your breathing in a few weeks😉

Let me know how it goes!

right on!

Thanks @azoreanblaze let me know how the workout goes!

I like how you did this post. Way cool!

I'll give your workout a go this evening after work!

Ok great @kus-knee, let me know how it goes 😎🤛🏾

That half burpees is something I have never heard or seen before. I really like the no gym or equipment necessary type of workouts. There is excuses except being lazy. Mountain Climbers has to be my favorite out of all of these.

I will give these ago tonight instead of my normal Wednesday routine.

Its not easy to find time to workout in our hectic lifestyles.

Please give me feedback as to how you liked the workouts!

Thanks for your support @enjar

I did find myself needing to take longer breaks after a couple minutes in. I am not in great shape so that was expected. I did skip for now plank with knee drive and leg extension plank. I realized my back is still not 100% back to normal and I did not like the feedback I was getting while trying those out so I opted to skip them for now. Perhaps it could been from bad form.

Mountain climbers still are my favorite. While I found the plank climbers the most difficult due to my lack of strength in my arms it was real issue at the end. I was expecting the half burpees to be the most challenging and they where not that bad.

I did not do a lot of these but this does give me a way to measure progression if I wish to go that route down the future.

I am not sure how often I will be doing this in a given week. Perhaps just adding it once per week for now.

Thanks for your feedback @enjar.

You did well in stopping the exercises when you felt pain.

This is the number one rule when exercising to stop all activity when you feel pain.

What happened to your lower back can you please elaborate?

Did you have surgery or were you injured?

I usually recommend cardiovascular exercises 2 to three times a week for 15 or 30 minutes.

If you're consistent you should see Improvement in a short time.

Let me know more about your back @enjar

I pulled some muscles in my lower back maybe a month or two ago now. I have been doing some yoga, stretching, and walking. For most part it’s not bothering me anymore. I would say it has to be back to 90% normal at least. I thought I was back to normal but I noticed I’m still not 100%.

I would recommend to strengthen your core and abdomen muscles.

Your core and midsection supports your back.

With a combination of stretching and core exercises this will help relieve your will recover faster.

Yeah!!! I can try to do that, but as a mannequin I'm kind of static, haha

Hey you are at Breggia too!!! Grande!!!

With a little warm up and stretching even a mannequin can do this workout! 😎😉

Nice 15 minute workout @caribbeanmon. I like Leg Extention plank the most.

Thanks for your support @gautam 🤛🏾

Try to hit those workouts two to three times a week to receive maximum benefit s!

Thanks for sharing @caribbeanmon. I will try to do it.

Thank you for that great fitness tutorial!
I‘ll try it out for sure! 👍🏻

Let me know when you do @pipurilla

I would like to know if it was too challenging or too easy for you 😊

Totally work out body!!!

Thanks for your support @evimeria

Please give me feedback after you've tried the workout ☺️

Nice workout

Thanks @ caribbeanmon excellent tips for people who do not have enough time to go to the gym

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