My New FAVORITE Protein Powder!

in fitness •  3 months ago

Heads up, guys - I'm about to make a pretty bold claim...

I have finally found a protein powder that has taken over as my absolute favorite of all time, and I can't wait to share it with you! It's called Select Protein from a company called PEScience, and I just love it :)

Although I'm really not the protein shake chugging type and prefer to get my protein from actual food (or at least historically I've been that way, partially because I couldn't stomach icky protein shakes made with water after a workout), I may actually end up changing my tune...

But generally speaking, I like to have protein powder on hand to make a protein/veggie smoothie when I feel like it (check out one of my favorite recipes HERE), to add to my oatmeal for added nutrition and creamy flavor, or to experiment with in the kitchen as part of healthier takes on baked goods, pancakes, waffles, or other recipes.

This protein is PERFECT for all of those uses and more! Because it is a protein blend (whey and casein), it behaves better when heated or cooked than, for example, whey protein isolate does. I also like that it contains proteins that absorb at different rates, which means you're essentially getting a sustained dose of amino acids that support your body and muscles longer (and better) than whey alone. I think it is more satisfying too!

Plus, the mix of whey and casein is ideal for those of us who love to hit the gym (especially the weight room), because fast-digesting whey promotes muscle synthesis while slower-digesting casein wards off muscle catabolism, or breakdown. Nice!

The macros are great, too - plenty of protein, low carb, low fat :)

As cool as all of these things are though, the best part is that is actually tastes good. FINALLY! Lots of fitness professionals will tell you that many protein powders are tasty, but compared to what? This protein is actually something I look forward to adding to my day, because the flavor and texture are both superior to any other I've tried.

I got the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor, mainly because the reviews were great and it looked like it had a picture of Nutter Butter cookies on the front, and I love those :) It is so good - plenty of flavor but not so much that it can't be used for a ton of different things and not be overwhelming. It has a nice balance of flavor, mixes well, and is super versatile!

No, I'm not sponsored or paid by PEScience to pump up their products (I wish I was!), I am just excited to have finally found a product that I actually really like! I will definitely be ordering more in the future and would be delighted to share with you as I do :)

I would definitely recommend you give this a try, especially if you've been a protein powder hater in the past... It can really help you recover and progress after your workouts, get enough protein in your diet if you have trouble with that, and can bump up the nutritional content of lots of your recipes, dishes, and treats :) Healthy food should still taste good, and this product can help!

Let me know if you give this a shot, and what you think about it! I'm going to go make Peanut Butter Cookie protein oatmeal now...

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