Eat Your Colors - A Little Mid-Week Motivation

in fitness •  3 months ago

Hello, friends!

One of the easiest ways to amp up your nutrition is to add in natural foods of all different colors! Think of each color as representing a different profile of micronutrients, and the more of the rainbow you can work into your diet each day the happier your body will be :)

Plus, it makes food look soooo much prettier and more appetizing when it has variety and pops of color, which can really help to make your healthiest of dishes into your favorites!

Today I wanted to share a little "mid-week motivation" to encourage you to eat your colors this week - I know Monday has come and gone, so if your week isn't yet off to the start that you wanted, THAT'S OK! I'm here to remind you that you can start to make some meaningful improvements RIGHT NOW.

It's never too late, but don't put it off any longer!

So head on down to your market and buy up all the beautiful, colorful foods you can get your hands on and put them to work in your meals this week! Focus on picking out plenty of veggies first, then select a few fruits if you'd like, keeping moderation in mind :)

Enjoy these pictures, and hopefully some inspiration!

Again, healthy food DOES NOT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED. Celebrate simple preparations and the flavors your ingredients bring to the table. Easy is good. (Read more HERE)


What colorful foods will you choose this week? :)

Please feel free to comment, upvote, or resteem if you'd like!

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Interesting mixes

That looks really yummy. I love cooking with colors. One of my favorite ways to spice up food is to actually “fry” I know it’s bad but I love to do it and to veggies and 🌶 peppers. That and some meat. Are you on a specific diet ? Like intermittent or Leto ? I’m working on shedding some dadbod pounds.


Oh good, so glad you enjoyed the post! I am not on a specific diet currently, just loosely eyeballing my macros and eating intuitively. I'm considering beginning a little bit of a cut myself, during which I'll probably keep closer tabs on my macros just to dial things in. I have tried keto and liked it just fine, but my workouts (Crossfit, mostly glucose-dependent work) really suffered... But if you're doing other forms of fitness, it might be a better choice for you! I think intermittent fasting can work well for some people, just by reducing the amount of time available during the day to get all of your calories in. I like to work out in the morning, so I haven't used this strategy but I'm interested to hear your opinion if you try it!

As for shedding some lbs, you're most welcome to join me in counting macros! Otherwise the easiest ways to get things rolling in my opinion are:

  • Focus on sleep, 7-8 hours EVERY night (I know it's hard with kids, but make it a priority!)
  • Drink at least a gallon of water every day
  • Time most of your carbs around your exercise, pre- and post-workout
  • Rely on cooking methods that utilize less fat, and add fats for flavor instead (even though fried veggies and peppers are DELISH, I agree!!!)
  • Have protein at every meal, green veggies with every meal, and focus your diet around many whole, unprocessed foods as possible.

Hope this helps! Thanks so much for commenting and for reading! :)


Thank you I have followed these rules and tips in one way or another through out my athletic career.
Time to revisit some of them.

mmmm favorite colors to eat are brown....bacon, chocolate, milkyway, chocolate ice cream, steak, ribs, chocolate cake, mmmm brown food equals yummy food. LOL :) oh and the food in your pictures look tasty too. LOL ;-)


Hahahaha!!! Those are all tasty foods from the brown side of the spectrum! Hahaha :) As long as there are other parts of the rainbow involved too then it's all in balance, right?? :) :) :)


LOL for sure - Blue popsicles, strawberry ice cream, yellow m&ms, green starbursts....mmm did I miss any colors from the rainbow? LOL ;-)

I love fruits and salads thanks to share do follow you


Thank you so much! And so glad you like healthy foods like that - they're so good for you!


Most welcome dear vote me as well thanks

Thanks for the inspiration as we get through another week of workouts and food!

Those grilled vegetables are sounding like a good plan for dinner.


You're so welcome! I'm thrilled if it was helpful :) grilled veggies are so good - I wish I was going to dinner at your house! :)

I agree 100% of your color food for healthy and longivity.


Nice!! Glad to hear it :)