There's an exciting new Fitness Community here on steemit, check out #fitnation.

in fitnation •  8 months ago

Now this is pretty exciting! I've always been a huge fan of steemit communities and I'm super exciting to have come across this newly emerging fitness community using the tag #fitnation.


I've always though there was an opportunity to create some sort of steemit running club, or a similar community. I had previously organized a steemit fitness challenge that was a lot of fun and helped motivate and reward our participants.

Well looks like #fitnation will do all that and much better

First it gives everyone one tag to start building a community around. I always found in hard to determine what #fitness or #running or #health tag to use for much of my previous content. So it's great to have one set tag to use, it also makes it easier to curate great content from engaged and active members of steemit.

They have also started a discord channel that can be found here. This is always an excellent addition and great place to get to know each other for any steemit community.

They also have an exciting new bot to help grow the community and reward people for proof of exercise. How's that for motivation, all participants will be rewarded from the bot based on how much the ran the previous week. This is an amazing idea.

Here is the official details and more info check out @runburgundy, I think this is a great project to get behind and support and it's really using steemit and steem power for the betterment of our health and human kind.

I'm passionate about seeing blockchain and cryptocurrencies really help solve some of these real world issues and increase motivation for fitness is a big one. I'm been super excited for the launch of Gym Rewards which is a cryptocurrecy that will reward users for proof of exercise. There ICO is almost over on May 15 and they will start Beta testing there app at that time, Unfortunately first for android users so I will have to wait a couple extra weeks.

Sorry for getting off track there, but back the community intro

This community is really only a couple days old and the brain child of @aussieninja and @mstafford.

I know there are many passionate runners and fitness enthusiasts here on steemit and I look forward to watching this community grow and being part of it.

I know currently @aussieninja is hosting a Movement May event to encourage some people to get active and I'm pumped to see all the other great ideas to come down the road as well.

I am already feeling motived and went running today

I track my runs using the MapMyFitness app on my Iphone and just learned about this other cool site, Runalyze. That this community will be using, I'm just getting the hang of it, but can export my data from MapMyFitness and quickly and easily import it.

I'm pretty sure you check out my actively page at this link, but otherwise I'm still getting the hang of it. Also don't judge my run today, it's been almost a month since I headed out and I had to push both kids in the running

I'm sure you'll be seeing many more fitness posts from me these days and looking forward to this new community, please head over and check it out

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I bought 75 gym so I could participate in their beta app. We'll see how it goes. Working out for crypto? Maybe I could blog and work out for crypto! @ironshield

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@phelimint this is great news. Thank for the heads up. Hadn't heard of this but sounds like it is going to be really big :)

Huge shoutout! Thanks!!!

Looking forward to growing the group, and getting the kinks worked out. I'll add a couple members this evening!

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Alright, THANKS for tagging me on this. I am thinking this could be pretty cool. Pretty damned close to what I was thinking of last week. I'm gonna offer up my notes for possible other ideas to add as well.