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A short evening walk with a rod on the edge of the lake ....

I warmly welcome,
today I decided to spend the evening at the lake with a friend. I have already taken a perfectly prepared and balanced float set with the intention of catching white fish. The lure was a red worm. The wind made fishing very difficult but it did not stop me, I was fishing. The first fish was the beast from above. Then I hooked on the reeds and broke the set. It was a pity, so I undressed and walked into the water where beer bottles could be beaten. The water was not that cold. I swam towards the reeds but on the spot I found only a piece of fishing line with a hook and lead. It's a pity because it was one of my favorites, but well, it's fishing.

Change to drop shot and hunt further. First throw and take, perch.

And best of all, the mussel was still on the weight.
For the next hour I was fishing for small and fat perch on a white swallow. A great evening, but tradition is tradition and at the end I broke the set on the hook. TOMORROW ...

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