Playing with the GoPro in my Reef Tank

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Just a short HD video of my tank while I was playing with my GoPro. Everything is native to my area... some caught, some bought. Couldn't get all the fishes but whats shown here:

  • Striped Burrfish, (Chilomycterus schoepfi). Caught with a dip net off my floating dock as a hatchling about the size of a peanut. Some days I will see tons of these guys floating along with the tide.
  • Caribbean Pygmy Filefish, (Stephanolepis setifer). Caught one off my dock but released as I had no way to transport it home. Purchased this one
  • Scrawled Cowfish, (Acanthostracion quadricornis). Really cool fish. Native here but bought this guy as I'm not sure how to even go about catching one.

What you may spot in the background but wouldn't come show off for the camera

  • Caribbean Blue Tang, (Acanthurus coeruleus). This one is a juvenile and is solid yellow.
    (image source)
  • Yellowhead Jawfish, (Opistognathus aurifrons). They make little caves in the sand reinforced with shell bits... pretty good little natural engineer. (see second video below)
  • Longnose Atlantic Butterflyfish, (Prognathodes aculeatus). Bought this guy. He's tiny and spends all his time picking stuff off the rocks.
    (image source)
  • Some sort of blenny. Scooped him off the side of my dock. Dunno if you'll see him in this video.
  • Sally Lightfoot Crab, (Percnon gibbesi). Briefly you'll spot this guy in the lower right corner on a rock.

Here is a video of my old jawfish before a tank crash years ago

And a scrawled cowfish from the same tank

edit - added some photos to help you spot background fish

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That second video lol! Peek a boo!

They are really cool little fish. Endless entertainment to watch

Hey bro, im also a reefer.. followed and upvoted.. also now we have a dedicated aquarium chat channel, please do check.. :)

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