A friend.

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Have you ever felt tired or sad, lost interest in things and superficial to everyone? At those times, you may be in need of someone to listen to you.
There are times when the noise of everyday life, you are discouraged and do not want to communicate with anyone, you are sad to face but are ready to get angry if someone asks their attention.
Maybe it's time for us to realize that we are alone in the middle of the line, lonely in the empty room, when we know how many confidants do not know who to share .... When we try to find the name Someone in the phone directory is long gone. Or in the facebook list, zalo, you can not click on anyone, except one
That's a real friend.
They bring you experience to soothe troubles or simply make you smile. They will teach you things you have never learned, or help you to do things you have never done. They will bring you relaxed moments while your mind is about to explode.
Or simply take the time to tell you a few sentences in your need
They are the gift God gave you. Maybe they will not be with you when you need them. Sometimes, they do not need to show anything, they force you to get yourself up.
Thank you my friend!


Helo, nice post again, i like it, have a nice day, and afternoon, evening :) upvoted :)
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Nic here.
Reading You post we Must meet more often !
Hello @namct don't be shy, come over to our group and mingle with us, just saw the little note You left, You are welcome to leave your link with us, maybe an older post You like ?

ok. thanks

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