Who is in your MIRROR?

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This week’s blog speaks loud and clear, it speaks from the core of my soul and the essence of who I am. I thought long and hard about the title of this post, pondered over writing it, and in the end decided that I had to write this. Who is in your mirror?


Do you recognize the person starring back at you or have you become somewhat unfamiliar with that individual? Do you enjoy looking at yourself nude or do you quickly hop out the shower and turn the lights off?


Who have you become over the past five or ten years of your life? When you look in the mirror, what thoughts are racing thru your head; are they positive or are they negative? If you avoid mirrors on a daily bases I encourage you to embrace them and take it one step further, talk to yourself and begin to put things in perspective; tell yourself how much you love you and the body that God has blessed you with.


When is the last time you really enjoyed looking at your self-naked and taking an overall assessment of what you love about yourself and what you would like to change. I think we should look at ourselves unclothed everyday, it keeps us on track and it keeps us honest….

  • Jump out the shower and keep the lights on
  • Don’t dry off right away, instead look in the mirror
  • Embrace who you are
  • Enjoy looking at yourself unclothed
  • Be honest with self
  • Recognize who you are and love yourself



I don't know about that other weird comment, but I love this post. Really made me think "When's the last time I looked at my body?" I haven't in a looooong time. So thank you for this reminder.

The main thing in our life is health. I remind this every day)

Yes, it's something I have not been thinking about too much. Have made a decision to change that.

Grass doesn't even grow where you are how can you be happy without other life around you?

It grows in the summer, believe me))

Where's the men and family in your life? I suspect they're missing if you think about mirrors providing love.

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