Finish the Story Contest - WEEK #26 WINNERS!

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Hoist the colors, proud storytellers!

This twenty-sixth edition has started slowly and then has accelerated like an old and powerful diesel engine! I had diligently prepared my potassium-compliant charts when, all of a sudden, 5 game-changing stories broke in at the last moment! I believe that the quality of your creative ideas has reached an impressive level, to the point that I would like to make a "The Best Of" with your legendary stories (perhaps in another space-time dimension with 48 hour days ). But now let's cut to the chase, light on our special yellowish joss sticks to the deity and let's dip our gaze in..

Uhm, by the way...yellowish sticks, yellow deity, yellow king.. could it..nahhh!

What's boiling in the bananafish kitchen (the news!)

  • Uncle Bananafish (and the Tortillas de Pelo) wants you! This contest strives to become self-sustainable in delivering every week rewards, votes, resteems, curation and good material for your blogs. It also would like to spread the concept of a good, enjoyable way to live steemit writing nice stuff, without burn-out syndromes, in harmony and friendship. It could be a nice idea if everyone contributes for the little they can do. We can discuss this (it's not really a new) and decide tasks and how to help every account to grow for the best. Ideas are welcome!

  • I wish to focus on this one, in particular. We are working hard for enriching the Bananafish Realms with a unique poetry contest by @marcoriccardi, with my collaboration! Here's a preview of the brand (made by @f3nix).. fasten your seat-belts (or sharpen your katanas) and keep ready for next Friday 7th September! The pot for now will consist of 3 SBI!

Haiku contest brand 28.08.18.png


Alright, let's cut the chatter, brave storytellers, the winners of the 8 @steembasicincome shares are:

- @marcoriccardi wins by popular vote the first prize of 2 SBI shares! Vox populi, vox dei. Compliments Marco for a brilliant and engaging dialogue, capable of revamping our beloved Tortillas - served you up on a plate - with unexpected nuances!

- @brisby wins the 1st prize of 4 SBI. I already wrote enough on her comments, as I like to say: do yourself a favour and go read her contribution, especially for the pleasure of the reading. She doesn't write a lot, but when she writes be sure that's something.. Chapeau to our Chief Squirrel, Lady Brisbiella!

-@raj808 wins the 2nd place with 2 SBI shares! Superlative descriptive parts, lean writing style and an accurately crafted plot make of this story a masterpiece. He was very shy to not know about the Yellow King reference but, honestly, I believe that his story could rightly be included among the narrative related to this entity of the Lovecraft pantheon.

A honorable mention for @dirge and @gwilberiol: you guys were right there with @raj808 but what should I do? Carve a yellow sign on my forehead and worship the King? ..That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed as I did! See you all tomorrow with the 26th edition and a rich pot of 8 @steembasicincome shares (traditional pot distribution)!


The great and generous @bananafish rewards the faithful!

We already know the wise and fair @bananafish can be strengthened with offerings of delegation, and curation. Through this, the strength of many, shall become the strength of one. So in time, the strength of one, can in turn, become that of many. As the delegations grow, so does the value of the vote, so as the power grows, so it returns. Indeed, the mighty god will appreciate those who support it, and in doing so, support this entire contest. For many of us, it is already it's own reward. In a steemit full of vanishing contests, your support allows this one to keep going, and allows everyone to polish their writing skills with a challenging weekly work out (not to mention @curies's precious support and voted on the participants!). By coming together and sharing the work, we can empower the potassium rich deity to create an oceanic fruit-salad that never runs out!

So join the core, support the mission! Pledge your allegiance with your delegation, show your continued support through by joining the curation trail, and all will share in the glorious bounty of the @bananafish!

If you like this contest..SPREAD THE GOSPEL! We're grateful for your resteeming and word of mouth. Everything helps to grow together!

A special thank to @theironfelix, @raj808, @brisby, @maverickinvictus, @cyemela, @marcoriccardi, @calluna, @oivas, @anixio, @ntowl for their precious delegations, making this project a reality!


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Thank you very much and congratulations to all the winners, participants and supporters of the great @bananafish!
It's always a pleasure writing and reading with you!


I'm very happy for this popular ovation.. well deserved!!

Wow! Thank you for choosing my ending as a winner for this round!
I'm all !!

Congratulations to @marcoriccardi, @raj808 & every other member of our bananafish tribe on this round!

I look forward to reading more from you all for the next round as well as seeing the turnout for Mizu No Oto!

In wanting reference to assistance for growing our bananafishie tribe, would you like more suggestions for challenges and contests (maybe a one off of "Begin the Story"?) along with more contributors to "Finish the Story" scripts? Maybe we could have a challenge to create a logo for the Tortillas?


LOL the gif!!
About the assistance, I'd like that we all participate in running the thing.. people like @marcoriccardi and @calluna already gave me a precious help when I was in difficulty.. you know this is like a flame that doesn't have to turn off if you want to make it work in the long run. This is a contest that becomes a community and not a community that makes contests.. the perspective is original and also the approach imo. I'd like people here to feel part of a nice project other than.. "participate to one of the other 4-5 contests where I can gain some stuff". Of course, I totally respect and understand those that legitimately try to grow their account using their skills in writing.. there's nothing bad about it! I'm also aware (I'm the opposite of a greedy asshole) and I'd love to find a way to compensate the delegating members and the core participants but.. how can I do it if the account is still small and distributing 8 (now 11!) Sbi per week? This is not little ... (Thanks 1000 times to @curie for the donation!). So we have a chicken and egg problem but also an opportunity for everyone.. basically we have 4 core activities: 1) writing the story; 2) curation and judgment; 3) posting; 4) financing. We could find a way to distributed them.. My long term goal is that the @bananafish will become an account actively capable to support the quality of its contributors/core members and pay them back (other than foster creativity, help newbies and promote quality more than mere quantity). Does it make sense? Too ambitious? 😁


My apologies, I didn't mean to imply that this group should become or is a contest mill.

@Marcoriccardi and @Calluna are fantastic as well as a couple of the most supportive and hardworking people I've the fortune to meet on here.

So many thanks go to @curie for their fantastic support for this community and so many other projects on Steemit!!

I want to be of use and appreciate the outline of activities that you provided. Would a (I shudder to say it...) schedule of volunteers for who does what for which week be helpful? Personally, I run into the problem of wanting to help but not being sure of where I'd be of any use (and don't want to step on anyone's toes). So, first off, I'll write/pick a few stories to have a bank to pull from when needed. As for other items, I'll be better about checking into Discord more often.
Also, I have NEVER thought of you as greedy. If I did, we wouldn't be friends. (I don't use that word lightly as I feel that it loses meaning if tossed around freely.)


Oh don't apologize! For what? Mine was just a typical f3nician scattered raving.. if you want Bris you May help me writing a submission for the next funds that curie is going to distribute... Thank you always for being you and most of all my friend 😊

Congrats to the winners I have a lot of fun doing this but I must suck haha didn't make the post. On to the next one it is a lot of fun people so even if you can't write like me give it a shot you still get some votes.


Stephen you don't suck.. you're a cool member of this community! See you soon in "Apocalypse and Pretzels" ✌️


Ya I went a read the winners post it was really good. Sorry I read the upvote one also that one I didn't get if you saw this before I changed it. Good choices.


I personally (try to) learn a lot from the way people like raj808, dirge or brisby write.. if there's a place on steemit where you can improve your skills it's this one.

To all the winners and @bananafish supporters (including me with my delegates and treeplanter votes):
You’re pretty good!


..And your resteems, votes and great Lacanian wisdom! May @wendo and the Bananawish always bless you!

Congrats to the writers!
My favorite almost made it :) But actually nobody loses a thing, right?


Just gaining here! See you tomorrow with a @theironfelix breathtaking first part of the story 😉

Happy and humble to be amoung such great writers. So pleased to have won with my story @bananafish thanks for running this each week. As I've said before, I struggle with my creative flow sometimes, and these prompts/beginnings always smash down the dam to let the river flow freely :-)


and these prompts/beginnings always smash down the dam to let the river flow freely.

It's so rewarding for me to know that! In all aspects of my life what gives me the greatest satisfactions is when creating awesome synergies 😁

I enjoyed my first time in this contest a lot. I'll sure continue with you, guys.
Greetings and good vibes for all of you :)


Very very happy that you enjoyed the ride! See you in the 27th edition and in our haiku contest 😉

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Lol thanks! I was wondering why you never spotted my contest so far...


Woop woop... you know you've made it when cheetah comes a knockin @bananafish, remonstrating all for repeat information... like we should all remember it. 😆 I can barely remember where I put the remote down some dayz.

I do remember when I was doing the Lit Corner for whaleshares and I put out a similarly worded announcement post each week, I was always sad to see that cheetah hadn't come to talk to me for my offenses against the steem gods 😉


Hahaha thanks for sharing your experience Rowan.. I agree that it was almost disappointing, you feel like "hey am I so invisibile cheetah?". And don't worry you're in good company.. there are so many things I can barely remember .. I live with an incumbent sense of tragi-comic due to the amount of mistakes that I can create for my being forgetful 😂

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Positive words!!! All I want is to be evil and rule the world.. auff... I'll have to edit it.