Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 36

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In a roundabout kind of way, it seems as though I have quickly moved from worst case scenario to best case scenario.

If I didn't have outstanding debt, I would not have sought help. But because I did find help (and I knew where to look), my debt load is going to be reduced by a significant margin.

This is still all hypothetical at this point, but barring any hiccups, the consumer proposal should relieve me of legal proceedings and make repayment considerably more manageable than it would otherwise be.

If it does nothing else, it's going to buy me quite a bit of time, and that alone is well worth working with a consulting group on this matter.

As I shared yesterday, it's still a little surreal that I've landed myself in such hot water financially. I don't lead a lavish lifestyle. I live very simply, usually in a basement suite, and I drive a 10-year-old car. I don't party, I don't drink very often, and I don't buy high-priced gadgets unless I can pay for them in cash.

If there's anything that hits the bull's eye, it would be this:

Business is an expensive hobby.

That's because business was never meant to be a hobby. It's meant to be a promise.

Now I understand well what my mentors were talking about all those years ago.

Things are going to be very different moving forward. I will be testing out new offers, new business models, new ways of operating. I'm exiting the content hamster wheel, because now I know for sure that doesn't produce results. While I will still be creating content, I will be leveraging more hired help to increase efficiency. There is simply no other way to spend more time on high value tasks and new business units without the leverage team offers.

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