Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 35

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At last, the beast has revealed itself. All this time, there was an undercurrent of foreboding, and now I know what it's all about.

Today, I got served some papers for unpaid consumer debt. Now, this is obviously common practice with creditors, as they're notorious for their repeated threats and unscrupulous behavior. I have a hard time believing they will really bring me to court. It makes no financial sense for them.

Even so, the message is loud and clear. There are some financial matters to tend to.

It's not as though it's been trending downward all this time. There is something vaguely unexplainable how I've even gotten to this point. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you 80% of my time is dedicated to none other than income and financial matters.

This is simply one of those instances that, somehow, got out of hand. Now it's time to deal with it.

They say whatever you tolerate will perpetuate. Well, I'm tolerating fewer and fewer things as time goes on. It's even reflected in my marketing activity. If something doesn't lead to real, tangible results, I'm quick to cut it off.

What I no longer plan to tolerate is money pits masquerading as businesses. I followed the best advice of people I trusted, and still wound up here. It's not that I didn't play a role in it. But I need to find people who will really help me, not people who merely pay lip service to it. The cost has been much too high.

Learn from my example. Stop tolerating what you don't want to persist in your life. Start choosing differently now.

Now I know what disciplined breakdown means (see my post from yesterday). The breakdown is my financial life. The discipline is in reducing expenses and increasing my income, something I've already been doing.

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