>> In 2019, being a coupon clipper makes you fiscally responsible, frugal & smart; not cheap. Here's WHY <<

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If you grew up poor like me; you undoubtedly dread the days in which your parent (in my case, a single mother) would spend hours snipping coupons out of tabloids trying to save a buck or two...

Perhaps the title is a beat misleading...as nowadays -- being a developer has turned what was once an arduous, counter-productive, time-wasting process into an efficient, effortless, and fiscally conservative form of saving money that's in no/way/shape or form something that you should not consider for it is algorithmic, therefore automatic!

Let me reiterate incase you didn't hear me properly, "I've devised a methodology (courtesy of opeds & informative articles ranging from nerdwallet to techcrunch to economist & bloomberg) all of which compile a series of cash back and/or % off software applications, ALL of which STACK !!

So in order to gather the perfect process in what I call: **maximum mitigation, minimum inflation" in which that virtually every single purchase, whether its diapers or mortgage, is geared to satisfiy 2 criteria ALWAYS:

  • 1 -- To MAXIMIZE the amount of savings by stacking the top X% cash back software applications.
  • 2 -- To MINIMIZE the amount of expenditures by stacking % Y% off software applications.
  • 3 -- To implement Z where Z = (free shipping, bonus incentives, utilizing affiliates & more) & through the correct formula of software/strategy, I've saved you the time of concocting a full proof maximum savings dropshifting technique that has undoubtedly been a lifesaver for me & those I've taught it to thus far.

>>> <<<

Now the criteria I had it narrowed down was essentially boiled down on an efficiency scale meaning -- it wasn't about what had most to offer but what took least of my time. Now there are dozens of cash back / % off applications, though they do not at all stack.

For example, criterias #1 & #2 focused on plugins/attachments or what I refer to as the "free-money" go-getters whereas the criteria for #3 was geared towards maximum payout/rewards/incentives. Allow me to elaborate:

So for criterias 1 & 2 It was a matter of finding the most user-friendly, effortless plugins that stacked and in doing so: I stumbled upon the following:

  • Dosh
  • Drop
  • Honey
  • swagbucks
  • Ibotta
  • Raise
  • Amazon Prime Helper

With Criteria 3 I would have to actually use the application itself as a conduit to receive whatever incentive/reward provided by the platform itself:

  • CouponCabin
  • ShopatHome
  • eBates
  • RetailMeNot
  • PiggyBank
  • Groupon
  • Shopkick
  • Checkout 51

I never understood why people bashed or ridiculed others who use coupons (nowadays at least)

Why people (many at least) never use ebates or groupon/dosh etc. if you're buying something anyway and you can get 20% - 50% off or cash back why not check the plugin? especially with these latest savings apps particularly groupon where virtually any product/service you'd buy in person is available for a noticeably cheaper & feasible rate online/through the plug-in/app.

I didn't bother with it either; felt like being a coupon collector made me cheap when if anything it's just wise & frugal financial advise. it's not like the old days where you have to snip every coupon out of every magazine which is redundant and time consuming so understandably counter-productive IMO; but with new tech; between all the software and the user-friendliness that comes with it; they literally compile whatever i search for and in less than 2 seconds I'm given multiple offers all with great deals on something I need to buy anyway.

and let me stress that's just for satisfying my third criteria whereas for the first 2 are automatic; just swipe & collect rewards as if you would anyway

this is not just useful for saving time but a lot of times platforms like groupon select or eBates (now Rakuten) will try to goad you into buying something you otherwise wouldn't (Groupon does this alot) and so through clever discipline & by opting for less rewards yet automatic payouts (i.e Ibotta & Drop & Dosh, my three favorite by far) for every purchase I make with the cards that I linked one time for all of five minutes, stack on all three platforms!

if you're the type of person who stresses about their image and is worried about ppl thinking they are "being cheap" for using digital coupons than good news for you: it's all done through the plug-in/app so its not like anybody knows you're using it. and if they think less of you for doing it than they're just fiscally irresponsible & petty.

Now the matter of finding which ones to use and which ones not to use; which ones to stack vs. which to toss. RetailmeNot, ShopatHome, Brad's Deals, Fetch Rewards are all trash and I would toss them simply for the perks that come with **eBates (now Rakuten) & while bearing in mind this is one strategy to blanket all expenditures -- I don't want to have to shift through 20 apps / memorize 20 strategies just to save $20 on a hotel -- then we're reverting back to counter-productivity. SO as a rule of measure here is my methodology:

  • Step ONE: I use Drop, Dosh, Ibotta as all 3 stack and provide amazing incentives esp. ibotta as well as affiliate bonuses *(though unless you're an 'influencer', I wouldn't hold your breath as hunting down affiliates will be even more counter-productive in how time-consuming it can be. Now you can't use honey, prime helper, or piggybank which are also automatic plugins but are not as efficient/effective; through process of elimination they're gone.

  • STEP TWO: Now this should really be labeled STEP ONE seeing as how step one is AUTOMATIC -- simply by swiping the card in which is linked to all three platforms I'm reaping the benefits just as I would if I weren't to use them, now taking what otherwise would've been misconstrued as a counterproductive, ineffective waste of time & making your "purchase full price" itself fiscally irresponsible, when you are literally capable of stacking up to 3 applications that will slice off or return back a good chunk of the retail cost simply by purchasing the item....which if you're going to buy anyway, is a win-win.

  • STEP THREE: Really the 2nd and final step; I prefer to use eBates over all the aforementioned applications. Why? eBates (Rakuten) has quarterly payouts...which may not be that great if you're in a bind for cash; but if you're doing this systemically and structurally as I am describing it to you: it'll stack up and you'll get a nice stipend four times a year at the mid of each fiscal year/quarter.

  • BONUS STEP:<< Raise is the perfect application in that its a service that sells you digital currency (of which every retailer has..whether its baskin robbins, adidas, nike, name a store that doesn't have their own form of gift card) and it'll be listed on Raise for 80-95 cents on the dollar. If you're planning on purchasing $1000 at the Apple store regardless; might as well buy a $1000 apple/itunes gift card for as low as 86 cents on the dollar.

Now when you run your purchase through Rakuten/eBates, with Ibotta/Dosh/Drop linked to the card of purchase, as well as Rakuten, you can virtually snipe the best deals by checking the stock value of say for example you want to buy an Invictus watch at Macy's. What I would do in dropshifting is check the stock price of every retailer, Macy's, Walmart, JCP, etc. then commodity price of diamonds, gold, whatever's on the watch, tripled with the platform in which I'm purchasing the product so Amazon/Groupon with Macy's/Walmart as the merchant & Amazon/Groupon as the middle man.

If you've managed to time everything right, during the right selloffs, you'll see deals pop up anyway as corporate scrambles to consolidate their own plunging stock, but by using these 3 plugins automatically, alongside the highest payout from Rakuten...then selecting the best merchant/platform/product based on the stock value of the retailer/service/product, you can I shit you not in some cases get products for as high as 96% off + 57% cashback + free shipping AND -10$ which I did once & left the cashier looking dumbfounded as I walked away with an 18,000 item retail for a few hundred bucks tops...

So by keeping the process as simple as possible; using the same methodology, and timing my purchases in conjunction with market conditions; i'm not only able to stack software to fulfill X/Y variables but all the above fits into category Z which effectively creates the formula:

(X+Y)Z/$Retail Cost of Product/Service == Total Savings, Rebate, Misc.


Now what kind of venture capitalist/fiscally conservative cheap bastard would I be if I were to conclude this op-ed which; undoubtedly will take some getting used to, but if you're willing to do so, will save you a BOATLoad of money (and it might not seem like it at at first, remember its cumulative) you'll notice the difference when I first noticed it -- come tax season...

Now I'm hoping to collect as many affiliates as possible; if this formula/strategy/oped was not educational or informative enough for you to believe I deserve said incentives for what would amount to no more than 15-20 minutes of your time for all apps/platforms under my affiliate, than I will one-up you one further...

DOWNLOAD the tippin .me plug-in on #Twitter & do a bit of research on how it works.

Basically; with a multisig3 lightning wallet, you can tip someone's tweet/comment/reply by buying them a taco which is worth about $5 est. or 360K sats.


If you have the tippin.me plugin downloaded; simply DM me on twitter, provide proof that you have completed a MINIMUM OF 3 AFFILIAITES and I will buy you a taco. BONUS: I've got other affiliates for

In addition to these affiliates; if you signup to CB earn / MCO / Robinhood / Bookings.com / Binance & fulfill the requirement to obtain the referral/affiliate on 1 out of 5 of these; I will buy you a taco for each -- bear in mind you are getting signup bonuses in addition to affiliates so for every bonus I get you get twice that plus a taco from me for fulfilling the requirements -- you could earn up to 10-15 tacos ($50-100 est. in BTC) as well as a slew of rewards/incentives from the other bonuses listed in this post. Simply DM me on twitter; with a lightning wallet (for invoice/receipt) & screenshots with proof of signup (I won't need proof as I"ll receive the notification) -- merely just a way for me to ID that you are who you say you are when you claim you used my link(s) and hypothetically speaking you could receive over $500 in signup bonuses/referrals and an additional $50 (+ $50 for 1 big ref) so $675 total for about 14 apps & 30 minutes of your time (that's a ball park figure) but my word is bond and I hope that you learn something from this oped -- in either case I'll be promoting it for mass exposure; not the payout, to kill two birds with one stone so that I could possibly garner mass affiliates and if not then atleast I helped you guys learn something.

https://www.rakuten.com/r/A1TARA?eeid=28187 -- eBATES/RAKUTEN https://ibotta.com/r/hyvqybh -- IBOTTA http://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/4d162cc6-67f2-4a19-bc16-6dcabfe8f520 -- GRPN https://b.ewd.io/code?c=vmguq -- DOSH

Twitter / LInkdeln / TradingView / StockTwits


Peace & Love Everyone. 💜☮️ #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation

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