Another Leak Today: "Paradise Papers" reveals tax dodge of the Rich

in finance •  11 months ago

Once more a worldwide network of journalists investigated secret papers of companies, politicians, celebrities and criminals - and detected their system of tax-avoiding.


Almost 400 Journalist of the ICIJ researched 13 million documents and revealed how a system of offshore-business is established over years.
In the Orbit of suspects are politicians like members of Trump's cabinet, the Canadian Primeminister Trudeau and even the Queen. Also the musician Bono and many other celebrities are blamed with criticism .

Since today you can find the reworking of the Datas here:

After similiar investigations of the Panama Papers in 2016 this publication shows once again, how people all over the world are refusing to take their financial responsibility (paying taxes) for the societies which made them great.

In my opinion this is crime and I'm wondering about the hesitant prosecution...

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