Photobook Give Away!🎆Reputation of 50!✨5️⃣0️⃣✨

in filmphotography •  10 months ago 

To celebrate this milestone I will give away a copy of my photobook to 5 people!

Vander Impromptu Photography

First 5 people to upvote, resteem and reply to (don't forget to do this all 🙃)this post will get a copy!

I will pay for postage (worwide!) and all that I ask in return is that you make a post when you receive the book ( would be really grateful for a review 😬) and link to my steemit page.

I tried a giveaway before, but nobody replied 😔... so here I go again:

who wants some free stuff?!😅

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Still room for one more Upvote and resteem! I now promote this post and steemfollower and people are voting, but nobody is replying or resteeming O_0 . Just a couple of hours left to resteem!
(upvoted for visibility!)

So it's @bigotemaifriend, @hobotang,@imbi,@doctorclick who will get a book. I will be in contact guys!

Very congrats Vander! 😊👍It's very kind from u offering the photobook. Let me please punch reestem button 😉

Nicely done! Congrats 🎈

Just curious... how will you get the photobook to the winners?


Snail mail :) 🐌💌📬📭

This is a very nice and generous idea! I would love to get hands on your photobook and provide you with an honest feedback!

To upvote and resteem is my pleasure. You got yourself a new follower.


Awesome! Will update when I have 5 winners 😀

Cool Idea. Will be happy to be on the list

wow bro its great idea. awesome concept i like it..


So why no vote then? 😒