Who are the Shadow People? - Tunnels of the Shadow People #17

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Is there more info about the plot of this film? I mean, when you say shadow people you mean something like this?

I received the above comment on my post from two days ago. In fact, it was Ted who informed me that he liked my latest post Enjoying and sharing the creative process as well as the question that it, apparently, evoked. After 16 write ups in this series, there's actually somebody who's asking about its characters. Cool beans! (as Ted would say)

@dedicatedguy has every right to ask this question. I didn't necessarily know how to answer it though. First of all, I'm not the screenwriter on this project ( although Ted and I develop the story together ), second of all it's a mystery type of story that will be developed along the way. In other words, right now we aren't even sure what the shadow people are going to look like or how they're going to act (figuratively speaking).

Today, I wrote to Ted:

I'm thinking of building a post around this question but I wanna keep things mysterious / keep people in the shadows on things. I try to remember where you got the idea for the shadow creatures/ people

Ted then replied:

The idea came from the fantasy project I was working on. On a practical(VFX) level, it's something that I could create.

I agree with you're statement about keeping things mysterious / in the shadows about things

yes We may or may not find out what they are ourselves in the story. Not too sure I can give you an answer myself - guess you'll have to remain cryptic in your post


that’s my style anyways, also on steemit when I talk about movies


Definitely want to keep things organic too - too much thinking about what everything should be in our story will only bind up our creativity


that's what I wanted to say when you said you had episode 2 written down

( here, I refer to the following message I received from Ted, yesterday: I've got our second episode written out, but will need to figure out with you what direction we take towards the end of our "radio wave" conversation.yesI kept your dialogue to mostly one word responses, because you're too into the stone - will be easy for you. )


The stuff I wrote down will keep the story moving and interesting It's something we discussed already, but pushing it forward for now




You moving in tomorrow?




Maybe Wednesday chat?


I thought the same


That'll be perfect! Have a nice rest of the day!


you too, bud


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Do you want questions asked then? I'm kind of still in watch mode, there is a point where I feel ready to ask questions but right now I feel like you might be in a similar stage to me where questions might inadvertently lead to spoilers :)


No matter what you're comments look like - questions asked or not - they are always worth reading. It's the person behind them that counts and yours is a good one :>)

P.S. Questions can lead to spoilers but I have a way of talking in riddles.


LoL goodo, I can circular sometimes but don't otherwise have the wit to be talking in riddles so I just generally refuse to answer questions where my idiotic answer will lead to a spoiler either way XD

i also want to know what these shadow people are! You didn't really say anything in this post hahahaha I get it, have to remain mysterious but I hope we can get more soon :-P


Be patient my friend and you will be rewarded handsomely, eventually.

If I have to guess I think the shadow people are similar to what I linked in that comment :)

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