First Episode Finished - Tunnels of the Shadow People #21

in filmmaking •  6 months ago


I spent the last couple of days in filmmaking mode. Being cast and crew all at the same time.

Besides almost daily Skype calls with my partner-in-crime Ted, it's really all DIY (in other words, Do It (All By ) Yourself filmmaking. Ted and I discuss the project over Skype and then start creating it/ shooting the scenes of our characters, all by ourselves. In fact, Ted is doing even more than me. He's the editor on this project. And - as he knows what footage is still lacking - he;s also directing me, at times.

I must say that I don't mind not being the director anymore. It was a position that I took upon me, in my early filmmaking days. As I felt that it was the only way to change my stories into actual films. That's all in the past now, though.

Three days ago, when Steemit seemed to have partially recovered from its latest update, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to share some footage of the project with you all ( or should I say few of you? ) and did so by uploading a short teasing - in the filmmaking kind of way - clip. In case you missed it, here you go:

Tunnels of the Shadow People - Teaser.


This video hints at the first episode of this series and I am happy to announce that this very first episode is actually finished by now. To quote Ted:

Episode 1 turned out better than I thought it would

The above was last Wednesday. Since then, he told me several times how much he likes it. I can't wait to see the result myself but will be patient until the moment he feels like sharing it with me.

Ted also told me the following:

Checked your E2 footage and you might need to do a little more filming for dialogue.

He's talking about episode 2 here and he was being modest. I had to reshoot almost the entire episode, haha. Not just because of the crappy audio of the GoPro but also because my acting felt very forced.

The plan is to film four episodes before we shart sharing the first one with you all here on Steemit. From then on ( probably mid October ) we will be sharing an episode a week. Having four of them in the can before we start releasing, gives us a buffer to work on future episodes without having to stress out whether they will be finished in time.

Anyhow, Thursday was a productive day. After a late afternoon hike, I suddenly had an urge to improv and came up with a video that will probably be used at the end of episode 3.

Today and yesterday, I spent about two hours ( due to the necessity / light of the setting sun ) reshooting episode 2. I hope Ted finds the footage decent enough. I expect it to be the case, I'm happ enough with the result and that's usually a good indicator.

I filmed with both GoPro and iPhone and used my iPhone as an audio recording device. I had fun, but am - honestly - already looking forward to filming episode 3. I already practiced / run through part of it, last week, in my adega. The storage room underneath my house, as you can see on the following screenshot:

Adega Flashlight Only Cam close on table corner 3.png

Episode 4 will mainly be carried by Ted('s character ) and take place in the notorious tunnels that this project is named after. So, it seems like I will be finished shooting - at least concerning the first 4 episodes - pretty soon. That's a good thing, as my parents, brother and my brother's girfriend will be visiting Portugal in a week's time. As soon as they've left, Tunnels of the Shadow People will finally be brought to you. I hardly can't wait and I promise you it will be worth the wait.

TO BE CONTINUED ( as it's too fun not to )

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Looking forward to seeing the first episode! Un abrazo amigo.


Hola amiga,

I am sure you will like it :>)

Un abrazo a ti,


Yay for productivity! And the stills are looking good :) I missed the teaser, will try to come back to it but I'm not doing very well with backlogs at the moment (okay I'm not dealing with backlogs at all at the moment, all too much XD).

Having the buffer is an excellent idea, something I totally recommend for episodic pieces regardless of what format they take :) I learned this the hard way from when I used to be a pantser and was posting stuff on, and if I was on a roll I would have multiple chapters out in a week and then if I got busy or didn't have any ideas for that particular project it would be ages between updates. The last fanfic I did was a collab piece with a friend and the older wiser me finished the entire thing first and did all the edits etc before trickling out one chapter a week XD

Looking forward to the first ep when you're both ready to release it :D


This comment deserves a 100% upvote as do most of your replies ;>)

If there's anyone who understands me and the creative process, it's you.

P.S. What's a pantser? Besides some kind of armor ;>)


Ahh my head is going to end up huge like the Queen of Hearts XD I'm glad to be useful! ^_^

There's very broadly two types of writer, the plotter who plans everything (sometimes down to the finest detail) and the pantser who "flies by the seat of their pants" (aka discovers/makes everything up as they go). I think normal people do a little bit of both (how much of each depending on the person). I kind of went from one end to the other coz that's how I roll XD


Thanks for teaching me something new :>)

I think I'm more of a pantser, although - especially when working with Ted - I am definitely a plotter too. A plotter who can't stop himself from being enough of a pantser.

P.S. I like you with a huge head ( For a moment I read 'with my head up high'. I hope I make that happen too )

awesome, good stuff!


cheers buddy! glad you like it :>)

Good for you, looking forward to seeing this. :)


Glad to hear that and I'm pretty sure you will like it. Even though I haven't seen the result myself yet ;>)

I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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I'm glad I heard it

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