The Tear #26 - Tear Poster Version 4

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The Tear Update.jpg


Yesterday I showed you the progress of the poster through the first three iterations. Today, we have the fourth! We are getting close!

Tear Poster V4.png

I only have one more round of notes, but I am quite happy with how it's turned out. The shadow is more pronounced and creepy. The stars and the "cosmic horror" elements are clearer and it definitely feels like it's in a neighborhood finally.

If any one needs a poster, I can definitely recommend the artist.

What do you guys and gals think? Anything bug you? Anything stand out as something you really like?

I should have the final version by the end of the week.

Then an announcement.

Stay tuned.

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Came from your Reddit post. Let's connect on discord.

I like the color palette and composition. Something bugging me a bit is that whether the light source of the shadow is the street lights or the rift in the sky, in either case it seems like the shadow should be longer. Maybe if the figure was standing a little farther up the street and the shadow stretched out longer behind. I might be over thinking it :)

BTW I am sure you are aware of this but just in case it is the kind of thing where you are too close to the project to think of it - my first reaction to the name is "tear" like "tear drop". My guess is that would be the more common assumption for people when they see the word "tear".

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