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RE: Success at The London Film Awards!

in #filmmaking5 years ago

Good to see you back on Steem! It's been a while. Hope the film is coming along well.


The film is coming along well but it's been a lot of work. The team standards are so high. To give you an example, they scrapped the score and completely re-did it. That in itself took a month. The sound to was also completely re-engineered and and so. I'm told we will have the final cut first week in Feb. Then we hit the Film Festival circuit! Also I finished the feature screenplay and now I'm working with the Director on tightening it up... which is becoming incredibly enlightening for me.

Geez. Throwing out the score? That's frustrating. Glad to see it's still coming together.

It was. But the end result is amazing! I can't believe the work the guys did on it. They want this to be a preview to the work they're capable of for the feature!

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