[VIDEO] Changelings #42 - My Greatest Flaw

in filmmaking •  7 days ago

I talk about one of my greatest strengths also being my greatest weakness... at least it's possible. I give this 70/30 on the truth to bullshit scale.
















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I really hope you can materialized your projects, even your small/side projects.
I have never embarked in major projects, such as making movies (in your case) or writing a book (in my area), but I know what it means to want to do several things at the same time and find that time will never be enough.
I guess it is human nature to want to do more,especially if you feel that you can and there are people around encouranging you to.
Easier said than done, they say.
It is like that here in Steemit and anywhere else.
I want to write about at least a dozen different topics and work on videos and art projects and the more I see the creative things talented people do here, the more ideas get into my mind as to what else I could do or how I could at least try to make my content better.
Sad true is a lifetime will never enough for us to complete all these ideas.
Thus, we have to settle for whatever it is that gives us the most satisfaction or simple that which proves to be more feasible, so that at least we get something done and move on to the next thing.


Agreed! There’s never enough time, which is why you have to write the book! ;)

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Well, heyo @distantsignal, it's probably a great thing yah got a @curie upvote and that's worth celebrating, but the video clearly (and the series itself) is far more worth oure time and concern. So I like to say this one tidbit before we even go anywhere: holy crapola! A video marathon/sequence! Now that takes a certain dedication to keep at it, not only for pre and production stages in-and-for-themselves, but also the post-production stage as well. So mad props to still be kicking around with that, but let's leave this here and digress to the video proper.

Ah, I can empathize with how overloaded and timebound you are. It really is a great burden too have so many but never having the resources, time and energy to see everything through. Withal (Even so), in the way I've been managing so far (and I think we agree on this) and it is a great asset to have; particularly I being unfathomably receptive to use unfulfilled ideas and place them in things that are being fulfilled. And though I may not be specialized in video-crafting (in films of course), writing is a whole slew of things that, with both the limitations of language and then all these other problems creeping in, necessitates that some ideas are going to have to be reused elsewhere or dropped entirely.

To make small comment on particular projects: that really does feel restrictive when one doesn't possess the capital and resources that major film studios have. And where we can blabber on about yada yada yada, it really is a wonderous thing that they manage to keep at it strong despite some rotten fruit finally falling from the tree and producing no offspring of their own. In regards to all that, the concern of money is pretty universal considering how easily that thing can be exchange for food in one second and then buying cameras the next. So money does have a dictum and nobody can be wholly (or partially) blamed for not being able to follow through with how things are structured and were structured by Capital.

So: continue chipping away at stuff, happy filming and happy steeming!


Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I do the same thing of reusing ideas if I can’t manifest them in another form / project.

The video series has been challenging but it’s been helpful. I can tell when I’ve made concrete steps and when I’m slacking. So as a tool of self reflection it’s been illuminating.

However, it does tend eat up the time I could be spending on Changelings proper so I might have to cut back to three days a week so I can reallocate my time.

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Your series is absolutely coming to life, such quality content is really deserving

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