What Does 'Documentary-like' Mean in Film? Watch 'Kids' by Larry Clark and Harmony Korine and Find Out!

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It didn't sound right when I said it! I guess it's an age thing! Arrrgh! The Director of the film 'Kids' is Larry Clark NOT Larry Charles! Larry, if you're out there, you have permission to kick me in the ass!

For all Steems, if you haven't watched the film 'Kids' - both Larry Clark and Harmony Korine's best work - please give it a look. It's a film that will be forever in your head!


Oh man, I genuinely think about and refer to the visual style and storytelling of Kids almost every time I want to bring ideas to my own filmmaking.

It really is incredibly memorable and had a huge impact on me. The opening scenes of the two lads walking down the street talking shit is amazingly done. The frenzy and dirt of the city is captured unlike anything I’ve seen before.

I listened to a Larry Clark podcast interview with Marc Maron and he was fascinating.

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Like I said, you can';t get it out of your mind... ever! Scary shit too!

Some bleak scenes in there for sure

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