A Big Day! The TOOTTC Press Kit is Now in Play!

in #filmmaking4 years ago

What a relief!

The Press Kit was more technically complicated than I thought it would ever be. I started with a Word document but probably should have used Publisher. The problems related to One Drive generated links when converting the word document to a PDF. After a lot of screwing around - and I mean a lot - I finally abandoned the One Drive links and and inserted 'jpegs' of the documents themselves. It's still a PDF document but much larger. Nonetheless, it gives the reader an at-a-glance option that would not be evident with links - linking forward and back - as well as an immediate copy function. So, after all was said and done, I believe the insertion of the jpeg documents will end up being an advantage.

Here's a link to 'The Order of Things to Come' Press Kit - a ONE DRIVE link no less! Ha!


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