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We live in a very bad time for the arts, especially for movies. I honestly can't believe that some people writing about Creed 2 actually thought that it's a good movie. People nowadays must have forgotten what a good movie really is and no apart from the first twenty minutes, the first Creed wasn't good either. This review is for people who already watched the movie.

So what worked in Creed 2?

Nothing. More on that later.

Even people that didn't like the movie had something very positive to say. Many people are praising the actors performances but I disagree with that. They were not bad but very far from great, just compare them to Robert De Niro in Raging Bull and you'll know what I'm talking about...


Predictable and kind of annoying.

You just see everything coming and same as in the first movie, there is some unnecessary drama. Did they really need to give Rocky cancer in the first movie and having baby Creed's daughter being hearing-impaired in the second?

The only surprise here is that they made baby Drago likable but that was probably just because they are a planning a new spin-off...So annoying, I'm so tired of this lack of creativity in the movie business. Anyway...


Simply put, I loved Rocky in every movie, I never loved Adonis. I loved Adrian, I never loved Bianca. Paulie was a bum but we all felt close to him but in Creed, I literally didn't feel close to anyone, even Rocky doesn't really feel like Rocky.


This was already ruined when they decided to make Adonis an illegitimate son who never actually met his father and had no real connection and affection to him. But hey, there are other ways to make it work but they didn't do anything other than Drago saying "You are smaller than your dad". What about Drago or baby Drago hurting Rocky, that would have made us on board but none of that happened.

Fighting Scenes

Unrealistic. They always were unrealistic but since Rocky Balboa they actually became not even that exciting. If you've seen all the Rocky movies, you know what I'm talking about. In the recent ones they tried to make it look more real and I'd be OK with that if they actually did it all the way but they didn't. We still have them take huge blows without getting knocked out, like for example in this last movie, we got Drago having punching power but he still can't knock Adonis out when he connects which is unrealistic, it only takes one clean punch for a powerful heavyweight to knock anybody out and especially if it's a tiny heavyweight like Adonis being on the receiving end. So I'd rather have the old scenes, more unrealistic but with all the slow motion and music going on.

One more thing. Rocky III and Rocky IV were bad movies but at least when Rocky knocks Lang and Drago out, we feel happy and satisfied but we didn't really get this in Creed 2. I don't know if it's me but the director made us sympathize with Drago a little bit too much so that at the end I was almost rooting against Adonis so when he finally wins the fight I didn't really feel anything.

Is it really that bad?

No it isn't. It's not a bad movie, it's just not a good one. What I enjoyed about this film is Drago's back story and what happens at the end of the movie. I loved that part when there is Drago standing up, letting us believe that he is about to walk away from his son losing the fight but he throws the towel instead.

If anyone from the production reads this, for the next movie at the very least make a cool training montage even this you didn't have in Creed 2...just go re-watch Rocky 2,3,4 and you'll know what we want, jeez, how hard is it...

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Definitely haven’t seen creed, but heard Jordan wants to box Roy Jones jr, I’d watch that !

Lol. I wouldn't.

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