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Ranking All DC Cinematic Universe Films - Part 2

3rd - Shazam

When you compare this film against the rest it looks quite good but if we were to look at it in isolation it's an average film. It was one of those films where I noticed more and more things I didn't like after watching and reflecting on the film.


The film is great for 10 - 15-year-olds but anyone older wanting substance will be left disappointed. It was clear that the film was targeting a younger age group but seemed to overdo it will too many cheap jokes and this distracted from the overall structure.

The actor who plays Billy Batson is the standout, his performance in the role is excellent. The acting from the rest of the cast was satisfactory but nothing special. The action sequences were also good if not a little scripted at times.

The evil villain Dr Sivana was cookie-cutter, i struggled to understand his motivations or objectives. We knew he wanted power but so does every other villain, the why was missing, his development to this point was missing which was a missed opportunity.

As i think about this more I think this film deserves to be relegated to below Aquaman. This was an all-around Disney feel family movie, it appeals to youngsters but unfortunately doesn't have enough substance to appeal to anyone else.

2nd - Wonder Woman

So we were first introduced to WW in BvS which was a big mistake as this should have been after they had given Dinna her origin movie but when it finally arrived it made up for this.


First off the choice of actress is perfect, in my opinion, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, the look has to be right as she is one of the most iconic heroes in the DC universe. Some characters do take a while to get used too but even from the beginning she instantly felt like Wonder Woman to me. The supporting actor Chris Pine was a great choice not only do I think is a great actor but also the charisma and the chemistry that developed between the two throughout the film was one of its strong points.

We get a very native Wonder Woman at the beginning, protected from society and who she really is. She trusts everyone and doesn't understand how the world can be some evil. I did like this approach as it allowed for elements of humour and also allowed her character to grow as she made mistakes.

The world of Themyscira is a beautiful place and the film is able to show off its beauty fully. I love how it shows this contrast between this bright, clean and colourful world and the world of "man" that we see later in the film.

Doctor poison seemed to be wasted in this film, they introduced her character but then never really allowed it to develop. This was a shame as i liked how initially they pushed this into the film, it seemed to bring another element to the film that was then not fully explored.
The fights scenes such as the ones in the trenches, the village battle and the final one against the god of war were impressive but i did have some issues with these.

I thought the choice of WW1 was a strange one and felt that a more modern setting would have played to WW strengths better. The final fight against Ares was great but somewhat weakened by the reveal of who he was, it felt cheap and i think they could have put more time into his origins / human form.

Overall the film was a hit and had enough to outweigh its issues. The origin story did enough to show us who she was where she came from and her powers, hopefully, the next instalment will build on its strengths and learn from its weaknesses.,

1st - Man of Steel

The Man of Steel is pure gold.


The film was directed by Zac Synder and has this gritty, real feel to it that up to that point superhero audiences weren't used to. The lighting, shots and backgrounds all had a very similar feel to Zac's previous film the Watchmen. While Marvel typically had been focused around using bright colours and running with humour throughout their films, this one was much darker, more serious and unique. An attempt to set itself apart from Marvel and what people think of as how a superhero movie should "look like". It was able to do this, and not just to be different but because it was what a large portion of the audience wanted.

The choice of actor was crucial to the success of the film, like Wonder woman this is a key element. Henry Cavill is a great choice, not as polished or as clean as previous actors and this works for me, it’s what Superman needs and brings with it a much more realist and relatable character. More rugged and ruff around the edges. His parents from Krypton, his earth partners and the antagonist Zod were all great choices and fully delivered in their roles. The only one i didn't like was Amy Adams as Lowis Lane, i thought she played the role well i just didn't feel like this was Lowis Lane.

The film delivered some of the most spectacular scenes, i can't think of many that i would rank higher. The opening sequence on Krypton is a creative and visual masterpiece. Everybody knows the story of what happens to Superman’s home world but the way in which the film did it made it one of the highlights of the film for me. The introduction to superman’s parents, the rivalry between Jor-el and Zod, the way in which they show the breakdown of their relationship and creativity used to show superman’s birth and escape are perfect. The final scene on Krypton where we get the shot from the window of the world erupting on itself is one of the most visually beautiful yet ferocious scenes i can think of.


Man of Steel was an almost perfect start to the DC Expanded Universe, as origins go this was the start that DC needed. It had the most iconic superhero at its front and was able to do the character justice this time, unlike previous attempts. A great cast, superb acting, stunning visuals, a wonderful score and amazing fight scenes put this film at the top of the list.

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