I made a Digital Cinema Package for a Christie 4K Projector.

in #film2 years ago

cristie 4K.jpg

LOOK AT THIS BEAST! This projector is in an upstate NY drive in and will be the venue we premiere "Till Death Do Us Part" at. My task recently was to export a DCP or digital cinema package from adobee premiere and then get it to work on that projector. I am learning this as i go and getting to a real professional level. I also researched and learned the formating by taking a handful of movie drives from the owner of the theater. the first time going to him with a DCP on a FAT32 drive, it was incorrect but i had a clue from the drives he provided me. I was able to recognize the drives when i used a linux virtual machine and see the correct drive format was EXT2. then when i brought back the test it played on the big screen. this summer i plan getting a job operating this projector.

projector room.jpg

plug it drive.jpg

control pannel.jpg

input pannel for 4K projector.jpg

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