Infinity War: A Long Term Plan to Promote SJW

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Am I being a dick by thinking that Bree Larson looks like a dude in drag? Look at that jaw!

Brie Larson has done some serious damage to the viability of Marvel as a film franchise and studio. Personally, as far as myself going to see Captain Marvel, well, I never paid for another Marvel film after Captain America: Civil War. I based that on hating the camera work by Trent Opaloch. The camera was so shaky and the frame rate was so high, you couldn't follow the action that the stunt people and story board artists planned out (for months!). And knowing this was the same team that was pegged to shoot Avengers: Infinity War, I took a pass on ever seeing another Marvel film in theaters ever again. So, technically it's not fair to say Brie Larson and Captain Marvel are the reasons Marvel Studios is in for the same SJW spiral of doom that downed Star Wars numbers. Marvel is to blame for their own demise.

A glimpse into the sloppy hand held camera operating buffoonery of Captain America: Civil War. Upon challenging an instructor at my school overusing high frame rates and shake camera, he responded, "The filmmakers are trying to confuse the audience.". I shut him down by saying, "I do not pay $10 to sit in a theater to be confused. This is lazy filmmaking. If they filmmakers are any good, they will document the action by following the flow of story boards to relay the sequence to the audience. Anyone can have stunt people do they thing and just shake the camera and use the excuse you are trying to put the audience in the mix of the action. But, pulling back and allow the audience to see the action, like Claude Renior did in the James Bond thriller, The Spy Who Loved Me, is the job of the cinematographer. We are making films here, not amusement park rides. (can you tell I have an strong opinion about camera work? Such is the bane of having a Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography.)

Granted, I have seen Infinity War, Black Panther, and Ant Man and Wasp on Netflix. And, it looks like the Opaloch shake camera was reigned in massively on Infinity War. And the frame rate was normalized as well. But, I found a lot of continuity and directing mistakes as well as an overt creepy Hollyweirdness in it. Black Panther was entertaining and cool. But, the major battle scene at the end had some inconsistencies and plot devices that bothered me. And well, Ant Man and Wasp was fun, but not as much fun as the original film. But I will say Michael Pena made me laugh so hard when he was on the "truth drug", I had to watch it over and over about 20 times. So, I suppose I'll see Captain Marvel on Netflix. According to one French film critic who gave it one star out of five, the last 3rd of the film is so bad it's almost like a sitcom. I also wonder if you're French, and a white male, if you get a pass from Brie Larson for being a film critic.

Wow Marvel Studios, you're really going with that? After all the Hollyweird crap that went on with films like "An Open Secret" and allegations of pedophilia hurled against Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, somehow Infinity Gauntlet directors, "the Russo Brothers" didn't find this scene creepy at all. What was the rationale? "No problem there little green girl. I just killed your family, 1/2 of your planet, and enslaved the 1/2 I didn't kill. Now I'm your father.". If that wasn't bad enough, the child actress had on so much eye makeup, it was obvious they were sexualizing this preteen girl. Ick! What the fuck Disney?

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 5.17.02 PM.png
Seriously Disney? You really did this didn't you? You let the Russo Brothers film a child with heavy eye makeup on? So Marvel Studios thought since they were going full SJW feminist soon with Captain Marvel they might was well exploit this young actress by sexualizing her by tarting her up with makeup?

Knowing what we know about Hollyweird, this scene made me almost jump out of my skin! And, it was this scene where I predicted the fall of Marvel. And now, we are beginning to see the revulsion long time Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios fans are having with the enforced SJW agenda. I also predict we will also begin hearing allegations against Marvel Studios filmmakers similar to what we have heard about concerning X-Men director Brian Singer.

And honestly, the entire direction Marvel Studios took with the Infinity War was the wrong choice in my opinion. I really wanted to see Secret Wars. That series was so good that even when I was a senior in high school and hadn't bought comics in 3 years, I began reading them again because of that series.

In the original Secret Wars (1984) an all powerful character called The Beyonder, pits all of Earth's heroes against all of Earth's villains on a patchwork planet he created for them use for their battlefield. Granted, Fantastic Four series of flops as films kind of cocked this idea up. But, with the licensing issues aside, I feel this was a more exciting and interesting direction to take for a film series. And thinking only with dollar signs in my eyes, how many individual character films could they have made building up to Secret Wars? It could have been epic!

Infinity Gauntlet Comic Book Series SPOILER ALERT: Infinity War as a comic was never as big a draw for me as was Secret Wars. I felt Thanos falling in love with Marvel Universe's Death, was kind of silly and lame. And when I found out that Marvel Studios was doing Infinity War, and knowing that Thanos was able to wipe out 1/2 of the Marvel Universe, immediately I thought that it was an excuse for Marvel Studios to change their line up. Except, unlike in the comic books, the films do not have Adam Warlock to steal away the Gauntlet and reverse Thanos halving of Marvel's lineup.

The character Marvel Studios replaced with Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock with the Infinity Gauntlet is about to throw down!

And that was when I realized Infinity War was a long term plan to indoctrinate comic book fans into the dark arts of SJW bullshit by leaving Adam Warlock out of the Marvel Studios Universe. And, you can blame the modern SJW soaked Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios for that direction. Leave out Adam Warlock and bring in a character that was only introduced in 2012, by a self described feminist comic book writer. Because you know, why try to tell good stories Marvel Comics fans will love when you can force feed identity politics down people's throats. The height of arrogance is thinking people will continue to line up and pay top dollar for your films regardless of how wrong you get a story.

It could have been epic! Also the Infinity Gauntlet series has Marvel's premiere character, Spider Man, playing a pivotal role in the destruction of Thanos. The version of Captain Marvel we are getting from Marvel Studios didn't even exist when this comic book was published. Way to cock that one up Marvel! Honestly, the only way to explain how a group of people can make decisions this bad is drugs. Marvel Studios either has a huge drug problem or they are so arrogant they felt we'd just not notice they ignored Adam Warlock for the Infinity War films. Someone is smoking crack!

Of course the original source material for Infinity War was actually the Infinity Gauntlet written by comic book writing legend Jim Starlin. And while the Infinity Gauntlet 6 comic book mini-series does include Thanos using that famous "snap" to wipe out 1/2 of Marvel's characters. Of course, later the real hero of Infinity War, Adam Warlock, reverses this when he gains control of the Infinity Gauntlet.

One of the panels that shocked comic book fans. The ever popular Wolverine gets his adamantium skeleton turned to rubber. How awesome would that have been in a film? And yes, I know Fox still owned X-Men while Avengers was setting all this up, but come on! They should have had the patience to get the property. Now there is a deal with Fox & Disney, and really makes the direction Marvel took look like an ass clown parade.

Of course Silver Surfer was left out of the the telling of the Infinity Gauntlet tale. No excuse for Marvel not including Silver Surfer into their line up if they wanted to tell the Infinity War story.

The characters that Thanos destroys in the Infinity Gauntlet series are:

Captain America - Well cast and well done for the first 2 films.

The Silver Surfer - Cocked up in another lame Fantastic Four film. Could have been a 3 film story arc.

Wolverine - Fox opened the taps of mutants to Marvel Studios. Could have been epic!

Cyclops - Same as above!

The Scarlet Witch - Well done, but massively under developed character. Should have been a 3 film story arc by herself.

Thor (Eric Masterson) - Well done in casting! Slept during the 3rd Thor film in the theaters and again at home.

Drax the Destroyer - Almost everyone's favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character. Could have his own film.

Firelord - Could have been a perfect villain to use against Silver Surfer. Spiderman beat his ass once. Which shows you how under-developed Marvel Studios version of Spiderman is actually. Firelord is one of the most badass characters in the MCU and as tough as Silver Surfer. But, Spiderman beat his ass. Think about that!

Nova - Totally badass and should have his own film series. Exists in space as part of Nova Corps, a kind of space police!

Namor - The Submariner! This is Marvel's cooler version of Aquaman. Also, one of the strongest in the MCU.

Cloak - Part of the Cloak and Dagger superhero duo. Very cool! How's Marvel Studios miss this?

She Hulk - Smart, sexy, strong, and green! What's not to love? A female hero that was once the "strong character" in Fantastic Four! Could have been an epic way to introduce the character. And also it would have allowed The Thing to get his own films.

Iron Man - Always one of my favorite comic book characters. Not sure what kind of drugs Marvel Studios does in their morning meetings, but to make 3 Iron Man films and never use Modok as his enemy suggests to me very heavy drugs like crack, heroin, or LSD.

Guess who is not in Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War or the last of the series Infinity Crusade? You guessed it, Captain Marvel! One of the most important aspects of the version of Captain Marvel that is not being discussed is that the character was created by Kelly Sue DeConnick in 2012. So, you see the Marvel Studios franchise was already up and running when this woman created yet another version of the character that dates back to 1967.

Yeah sure. This woman's recreation of Captain Marvel had nothing to do with identity politics. She was just trying to tell a good story right? Nothing says "I'm only interested in telling good stories." quite like a feminist with big ugly glasses.

And, the story of why Captain Marvel is so overtly 3rd wave feminist garbage gets better. Deconnick, who is a self-described feminist is also the creator of Dark Horse Comics, Bitch Planet. The direct quote from the Wikipedia page for Bitch Planet is this: "The series is a feminist portrayal of the exploitation film genre and takes place in a dystopian reality, where non-compliant women are sent to an off-planet prison".

The wildly unpopular version of Captain Marvel was canceled. Why would you make a film based on a character that was clearly hated by fans so much no one bought the comic book? Well, guess what? Head strong feminists are going to shove it down your throat over and over until we decide to behave and take it. I can't help wondering if it is the fact feminists have nothing to shove down a throat that might be their real issue with men. Above we see the massively unpopular and overtly lesbian Captain Marvel. A character that Deconnick just decided was going to be stronger than Hulk. Sure why not? It's also lame that the character was clearly drawn so as not to appear pretty. Because being pretty and heroic...well that's just living under a male dominated world!

DeConnick earned a BA in Drama from University of Texas at Austin. So Marvel actually based a pivotal character for their entire universe on something a feminist "drama queen" used to promote her own agenda. Wow! Well, all I can say is good luck, and good night! The chapter is finished. And it has ended with perhaps one of the most lackluster endings anyone could have imagined. And that is, the entire build up of the Marvel Studios films, has a climax based on an SJW feminist agenda. As Corporal Hicks from the film Aliens, said, "Game over!".

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